DIY Happy Easter Sign Wall Decor

Today I am sharing my Happy Easter Sign that I made using inexpensive items that I picked up at Dollar Tree as well as Walmart.   I chose to use some fun pops of color for this pretty Spring Decor.

I started with a whitewash plank sign that I picked up at Walmart in the craft section.
(was under $3)

To add in some fun pops of color I chose to use Cameo Pink and Aquamarine acrylic paints.
I used small round sponge brushes and went around the edge of the sign in each color using
 a different size brush.

The next thing I did was use a wood bunny rabbit cutout that I had purchased at Dollar Tree in a package of 5 or 6 and using some scrapbook paper in black and white buffalo check print I
traced the outline of the rabbit on the paper and cut it out.

Then I simply adhered it to the wood using mod podge.

To dress up the rabbit a bit more I used black acrylic paint and a foam brush and just went along the edge of the rabbit silhouette to give it more of a defined outline.

I chose to go around the edge of my sign as well.

I had a package of metal words that I also picked up at Dollar Tree and chose to use Happy, and Easter out of the assortment.   However, I wanted them to stand out more on my sign so I chose to go ahead and add some paint to them.

After they had dried I attached the words and the rabbit to my sign using my hot glue gun.

Of course I thought it needed a fun bow.. so I made a simple double bow using decorative Easter themed ribbon that I had also purchased at Dollar Tree.

I also went ahead and added a tiny jute bow to the rabbit to dress it up just a little more as well.

I could've stopped there, but I felt like the words needed to stand out more so I used some
black paint and one of the round sponge brushes and lightly tapped on some paint here and there which gave them a bit of a splatter look.

I really liked how it was turning out but after hanging it up I thought the letters still needed
to be more visible, so I used a black permanent marker to simply outline the letters. 

I think it turned out so cute and such a fun pop of color for Spring!
(while still adding a hint of farmhouse with the buffalo check so it still goes really
well with my decor)

If you'd like more details or to see how I made this sign step by step, I have a video:

 - Tina

Item Details:
(*affiliate links)

Sponge Brushes/ Spouncers: HERE
Foam Brushes: Here
Hot Glue Gun: Home Depot or Here
Acrylic Paint: Cameo Pink & Aquamarine
Wood Plank Sign: Walmart or similar: HERE
Wood Rabbit Cutout: Dollar Tree (another option: here)
Metal Words: Dollar Tree
Black/white check scrapbook paper: Craft Store or similar Here

My Amazon Fave's Page: HERE


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