Updating My Desk Organization | An Office Update

I spend a lot of time at my desk and I decided it was time to update some of the organization
in this space. 

First up is the wood crate that I purchased.   I use it for our incoming mail and it works perfectly for that.   It sits nicely beside my desk and I can keep all the mail that I need to get to in it nice and neat.

It was still in the raw finish so it was time to give it an update!

At first I thought about painting it more farmhouse style with a rustic kind of look and then I changed my mind and wanted to go with some fun pops of color!

I chose a pretty aqua, pink, and blue.

I started by painting a layer of white on because I knew I wanted to give the crate an ombre look so
to achieve that I just layered the color instead of mixing them individually.

I chose to have pink at the top fading into the aqua and paint the interior blue.

I have a lot of pens, pencils, sharpies, colored pencils, and highlighters at my desk that I want
to keep within reach.    I just didn't like all the mismatched containers I was using so I chose to
use some wide mouth mason jars and give them a new look with the same paint colors.

It took 3-4 coats of paint to get the coverage I wanted. (letting it dry between coats)

I also chose to sand the outside here and there to give it a more rustic worn look.  I knew the paint could possible rub off in certain area's of the jars so I wanted to it look like it was suppose to be that way if it ever does.  :0)

I also chose to add a burlap bow to the center jar to add a little something extra.

I am loving how they turned out!

Such a pretty spot to put our incoming mail.

I mentioned this before, but I do spend a lot of time in this space working on everything from all of my job related stuff, to meal planning, to our budget, and keeping track of all my daily to do's!

I use a lot of charts and have a lot of different binders that I work in,
 so I like to have many colors of highlighters for color coding items etc. and that can be hard
to find some times it seems like.
 (I have been using these highlighters and really like them so far!)(*affiliate link)

I am really enjoying the pretty organization and fun pops of color and they were budget
friendly updates so that is always a plus!

I am still thinking of more idea's for my office, but for now I am really
happy with the simple updates that I have made so far!
Making progress! 😉

 - Tina

Item Details:
(*affiliate links)

Wood Crate: Measures 12" x 5 3/8" x 4" for reference and I got it in 
Walmart Craft Section (was approx. $5-$7)
Paint colors used: Aquamarine / Cameo Pink / Admiral Blue / White
Wide Mouth Mason Jars: found here
Highlighters: found here
Colored Pencils: found here

Some of my favorite items that I use 
at my desk and for budgeting are now

Some of the Charts that I make and use are posted in my
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