Updating a Budget Friendly Find Farmhouse Style Galvanized Tray // DIY

Good Morning!

You probably know by now that I am a fan of galvanized items.. Buckets, Tubs, Signs and so on.

I ran across a fun galvanized tray and it was very easy on the budget at just under $5 so I actually ended up getting 2.    One I will be using as is, and the other one I am going to give a bit of an update to!

Why I like galvanized containers..?
- budget friendly (usually)
- they last a long time
- come in a variety of shapes and sizes
- fairly easy to find the size you want
- the pretty look that goes great with farmhouse style decor

On to the project!

I knew I wanted to spray paint the handles a different color so I used painters tape to tape off
around the handles and get it ready for paint.

Then I took it outside and painted the handles using a gloss black and set it aside to dry.

 I also had some wood caps that I picked up to use for this project so I spray painted them as well.

After everything had dried I took them back inside and I removed the tape from the tray.

The next thing I wanted to do was use the wood caps for feet for my tray so I used some glue to attach them to the bottom.

I wanted to dress it up further so I used my silhouette and designed a vinyl decal to add to my tray.

I chose to use the word Blessed.

I love how the tray turned out.
What a difference a few simple touches can make.

I can only imagine the price tag this would have on it if you ran across one of these in a cute little boutique,  I love that I updated a very inexpensive piece that definitely looks like it cost a lot more
than it really did.

I am having fun using it to decorate with around the house.
I may have to pick up more of these fun pieces for my home!

I hope this project inspires you and gives you a few idea's and if you'd like to see the video of
this project it is on my YouTube channel Here

 - Tina

Item Details:
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Galvanized Tray Found Here
Wood Caps used: (similar)   found here
 Blessed decal is available in my Etsy shop here
Glue I used in video: found here 
Silhouette that I used to make my decal found here 

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