Planting Day / Working on New Flowerbeds by the Vegetable Garden

I am loving my new garden space and if you saw my post on how my garden has changed this
year, then you know the fence was purely decorative last year and this year it went to
a more functional style to keep critters out.
So, I really wanted to dress up the front of my garden even more this year, so that is what I have been
working on.

Last year I simply planted zinnia seeds and they did wonderfully in this spot.
This year however, I chose to go a different route.

I cutout small flower beds all along the front of my garden fence and added some black edging
to help keep the grass out.

I also moved two dwarf Alberta spruce to the corners,
I had them in another area of the yard but wanted to relocate them so that worked out well.

I chose to use landscape fabric at the center along the fence where the gate and flower pots
are because I chose to go ahead and bring rock out at the gate to finish that look for now until
I decide exactly what I want to do here.

I did not use landscape fabric in the rest of the flowerbeds.
I think landscape fabric certainly has a place, and I do have it in several flowerbeds around my
yard but the more years I have been gardening, the less I am impressed with it.. I will save that
for another day. lol.

I did not have all the plants that I want for this space, it has just been a little hard to get the plants that I want with everything going on.
I do have some daisies started (fingers crossed) that I may put here, but for now I am working with
the plants that I have and enjoying the process.

I wanted to use an at last rose for each flowerbed and ended up ordering them online.
They arrived in great condition! They were a bit pricey ordering online compared to the same plant if I could have found it locally,  but I was really just happy to have them for my garden space.

I am also using some Cleome (or Spider Flower) in the color lavender,

Dusty Miller,

and Victoria Blue Salvia.

Right now the plants are quite small and honestly this flowerbed isn't looking too impressive yet, lol..
but with everything going on this year it just is what it is.   I am looking forward to seeing these plants grow and I think they are going to be so pretty in this space!

In fact a few days after planting, the roses started to bloom!
So I had to include a picture.. they are gorgeous!

I will be sure to post updates on this space as they grow and I add to it.
If you haven't followed me on Instagram I share a lot of photo's from around the yard,
and fun things over there!

 - Tina

If you would like the see the video of planting up this new flowerbed,

Plants I used:
Proven Winners At Last Rose
Dusty Miller
Victoria Blue Salvia

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