Updating Some Planters and Planting Some Pretty Flowers

I had some planters for 3 years that had become extremely faded from the sun over time,
and I wanted to give them a fresh new look so I decided to do just that.

So I gathered up all the supplies for this project in my garden cart and got started giving these planters a new lease on life. 

I chose to use a simple can of spray paint in black and gave the planters a couple coats of paint.

What a difference a little paint and a few minutes of my time made!

When the planters were ready to use, I added my potting soil some starter fertilizer to give the plants that I chose the best start possible and got planting!

I chose to use a pretty salvia, called sallyfun salvia as my focal plant and to give the planters some height, and then I chose to surround the salvia with some pretty coral pink colored petunia's.

So beautiful!

The planters update turned out great and these plants are just such a bright and fun combination
that really is a stunner in the yard. 

Loving how these turned out!

I love those colors together and looking forward to seeing the plants fill in and shine even more!

I made a video of the process if you'd like to check it out!
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Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for stopping in!

 - Tina

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