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Good Morning!
I have been doing a lot of canning lately and besides it taking some extra time to accomplish, it certainly can create a mess as well. 😜

So far I have been able to can several jar of pickles, several types of jelly/jam, lots of apple pie filling,
and I just started on tomatoes this week! 

Lots of Salsa coming our way!

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So today I thought I would share a couple new kitchen gadgets that I have recently purchased and am enjoying having, as well as a day in the life video.. 
Cleaning and Catching up on some things around the house, including cleaning out the refrigerator!

The first gadget I am sharing is one I looked at for a while before finally purchasing it, 
I am so glad I finally did. 

If you like coffee, and like to mix creamer etc. into your coffee like I do, this is a fun item.
A handheld frother.  ( I show using it in my video).   
It really does a good job mixing things up as I do add MCT oil powder into my keto coffee. 
Using a spoon/fork to mix the MCT powder does ok, but just
doesn't get it all incorporated like this frother does.    I liked this one because it came with a stand,
so I thought it would be nice to have the option to simply keep it beside my Keurig on the counter. 😉

When I feel like having fancier coffee with some foam on top, I will use it with some half/half or heavy whipping cream separately then add it to my coffee for a little something 'extra'. 

And if I want it to really splurge and have a caramel latte besides adding the foam on top, I will add a little bit of this as well.  (low carb caramel protein shake)

The next new gadget I picked up was an electric juicer
It had good reviews, and was definitely one of the less expensive options that I saw
while searching so I decided to give it a try as I wanted to use it for lemons and oranges,
and I have been really happy with it thus far.

Have you purchased any new kitchen gadgets lately?

If you'd like to see my Day in the Life - Catching up on Cleaning Video, you can check it out

 - Tina

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Handheld Frother - Found Here 
Electric Juicer - Found Here 
Caramel Protein Shakes: can be found in several stores or Found Here

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