6 DIY Simple and Budget Friendly Home Decor Risers Farmhouse Style

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Sharing 6 Simple DIY risers, so much fun to decorate and style with!

If you'd like to jump right in and watch the corresponding video on youtube to see how I made these in better detail, I have it linked here!

The first riser I wanted to make was to give more presence to a small photo frame so it would stand out
even more on a bookshelf.
I used a piece of scrap wood, painted it white, added some black paint lightly here and there to give it a distressed, worn, farmhouse look and I added a vinyl decal to it to dress it up further and of course added
some fun wood 'feet'. 

I made several different options for vinyl decals and I chose to make one with the word Family, and the word Blessed.   
 (*Vinyl decals are available in my Etsy shop here if interested in checking them out)

Here is how the scrap wood risers turned out and some idea's on how to use them.

I am loving how these turned out!

The next riser that I made was using a metal tray that I picked up at Dollar Tree and some glass chess pieces?, yep. :0)

I simply attached the glass chess pieces with e6000 and I think it adds something fun and definitely unexpected to this silver tray on my dresser.

The next riser I used a small piece of decorative wood that had a fun shape and edge design.  I simply painted it white and used some sandpaper to rough it up a bit and let the natural color show through for a fun farmhouse look, added the wood caps for feet and I think this one is such a fun one for figurines, a candle perhaps, they can be used for so many things. 

The next risers you have probably seen before if you have followed my blog or my youtube channel for a little while, but I thought I would include them for more idea's and inspiration.

This riser is one of the first I made, I used a piece of scrap cabinet board and cut it to the size I wanted.
I painted it white leaving some of the natural wood showing through and added some fun chunky round
knob feet.

Such a fun decorator piece.

The next risers are so simple with no cutting or sanding involved.

I picked up a wood plank sign at walmart for under $3.00, removed the packaging and hanger and added
some wood feet.
The sign comes in a white wash color or this darker shade as well.

One of my favorites is when I used this slice of wood with the bark around the edge, added wood knob feet and done.

Such a fun one!

I have enjoyed making these and using them around my home and have so many other idea's for
something similar.   You can really get creative with these and use so many things to make a riser
and they don't have to cost much money at all to make something really fun to use in your home


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