A Galvanized Tub Container

I had purchased a galvanized tub container to use outdoors in my garden space, but never got around to using it.

So I wanted to see what else I could possibly use it for.

I added a Farmhouse decal to the front of the container, then tried it out in my laundry room.

I placed it in the bathroom with some rolled up towels.

I tried using it in the living room with some rolled up extra throw blankets, love this look.

I used a standard sized pillow wrapped in a baby blanket and my daughters little dog liked
it just fine.  lol. 

I added some paw print decals, and used it for a dog toy container to corral all the things.

It's just kind of fun to try out a container in different ways to see which way I would like it
best, and I chose to use in the laundry room in the end.    However I think a container like
this could be used in so many different ways! 

 - Tina

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