DIY Farmhouse Style Solar Light Winter Jar for my windows

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Sharing how I made a fun farmhouse style faux snow globe with a twist.  
I am adding a solar light to put them in my windows and add a little something fun to our Christmas decor and it's also something I can use throughout the Winter season as well. 

For this project I used mason jars, bottle brush tree's, some faux snow, some decorative ribbon
and an inexpensive solar light. 

Tools used: hot glue gun / scissors 

So I started with my mason jar, and chose which mini bottle brush tree that I wanted inside the jars,
then I used a little dab of hot glue to hold it in place in the bottom of my jar.

Then it was time to add in some faux snow.
You can get different types of faux snow at dollar stores, and craft stores, but I just chose to use some
Epsom salts for this particular project. 
( If that is of concern at all, you can find faux snow at dollar tree etc. very inexpensively.)

The next thing I did was take apart my solar light as I only needed the very top. 
It was a little too small to fit the opening of my jar, but it fit nice and snug inside the metal jar ring. 
So I placed the top of my solar light inside the ring, and simply screwed the light onto my jar. 

To dress up my faux snow globe / winter jar..  I chose to add a simple bow to each jar.

Different sizes look really cute together as well!

They look so pretty on the windowsill during the day, and they are pretty all lit up at night
as well. 

 - Tina

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