Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament Topiaries

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Sharing a project I worked on using Dollar Tree Christmas ornaments!

I started by getting everything together that I wanted to use for this project.

I purchased 6 larger sized plastic ornaments at Dollar Tree, and then I also bought
2 foam cubes, 2 small metal buckets, 2  5/16" dowel rods, wood caps, and a bag of decorative moss all from the craft section at Walmart. 

I started by drilling holes through the top and bottom and each of the ornament using my drill and a 5/16" bit.   I did waller the holes a little bit since my bit was the same size as the dowel rods so that they would be able to fit through the holes. 

I did a quick dry fit to see where I needed to cut my dowel rods because they were longer than I needed for my project.   Then I took them outside and used my jigsaw to cut them down to the length that I needed. 

I also used 2 of the wood caps and gave them a quick coat of silver spray paint while I was outdoors. 

Then it was time to assemble my topiaries. 

I placed the foam cube inside the metal bucket, then added the dowel rod to the center.

Next I placed the ornaments that I wanted to use onto the dowel rod and finished it off with the wood cap.

I then added some decorative moss around the base to hide the foam, and added a fun buffalo check bow.

I am loving how they turned out!
 - Tina

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Wood Caps: found here
Buffalo Plaid Ribbon: found here
Large Red Metal Truck by Christmas Tree: found here

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