Decorating our kitchen Christmas tree - Red Vintage Truck Theme


I have been decorating our home for the Christmas season and I thought it would be fun to 
tackle a themed Christmas tree this year.   

The theme I chose to go with.. the red vintage truck of course. :0)

I thought decorating the pencil tree in our kitchen in a truck theme would be something fun to add in
to our Christmas decor for 2020, and you all know I really like that red vintage truck!

I thought I would change up this blog post a bit..  I will start with the video, it shows how I use the ribbon
to make loops down my tree in a much better way than I could explain.  :0)

To start decorating the tree, I placed a lot of different options of items to use on my kitchen table.
From different kinds of ribbons, to picks, to several ornaments. 

I started by reusing the bow that I used last year, but I added some truck ribbon to it as well as a foam
truck ornament to pull the truck theme together.

Then I added my ribbon, lots of ribbon. 
4 different kinds of ribbon that I looped down the tree.. fun!

Then it was time to fill in with all the ornaments.

I added a plaid throw as a tree skirt as well as a snowman hat, bowl of ornaments, and some
florals at the bottom of the tree and I think it turned out so pretty!

It may be a little busy, but I am loving it.

It is so pretty during the day, and even more beautiful at night. 

How many tree's do you put up?  
If we had more space, I would have them in every room I think! lol.

 - Tina

If you'd like to check out in better detail how I used the ribbon on my tree, or just enjoy decorating video's  I have it linked below. 

Item details: 
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Hot glue gun I use: found here
Buffalo Plaid Ribbon: found here

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