Kitchen Declutter 2021

Good Morning!

Today I am sharing a Kitchen declutter video on my youtube channel. 
I have been in full on declutter and get rid of it mode around our home, and have tackled different
area's including the master bathroom vanity, my makeup vanity, my desk, and now working on the kitchen.

So I thought I would share it with you.

Here is where my thought process is when decluttering right now,
basically I am working kind of quickly and getting rid of the more obvious items, and 
calling this the first layer of decluttering.   

So I am trying to go through and decide without thinking too much about each item
and getting rid of:

-Items we don't use
-Items we have multiples of (that are not necessary)
-Items that have seen better days
-Items I no longer enjoy looking at, dusting :0) and just no longer want to store/display etc.

-Items I am unsure of but leaning towards getting rid of, I am placing in a bin to think about for a couple days.   

As I have been decluttering different area's around our home, and then revisiting them 
I have noticed I can certainly find more items to get rid of pretty easily.
I have also noticed the more I am letting go of, the more I want to see some breathing room and freed up space in our cabinets and drawers which makes me more motivated to get rid of even more items.   

It feels less stressful to be able to see the item I want in a cabinet or drawer and not
have to dig through a pile of items to get to it.  
I have come to realize we just have way too many things taking up space in our home that I would much rather have that space for the items that we actually love/enjoy/use in instead of just a lot of stuff that we have accumulated and not paid much attention to over the years.    

So after seeing the difference in some of the area's of our home that I have been working on,  I will definitely be continuing the process of decluttering, and will be going back through these area's again.

I will take more time on the decision making process in the second round of decluttering because I am even more determined to keep moving towards simplifying our home.

I am curious are you decluttering any area's around your home, have any tips/tricks to share?

- Tina

The video is also on my YouTube Channel HERE!

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