DIY Simple Farmhouse Style Photo Display Ideas

Good Morning!

Today I am sharing some simple diy projects that I worked on to display some favorite photographs in my craft room and I like that I can easily change the photo's whenever I want to.

They are budget friendly and I am really pleased with how they turned out, even if I switched gears and changed my mind during working on them.  Lol.

The first project I used a welcome fall sign from dollar tree, I intended on painting it and used sandpaper and started to paint but changed my mind and decided to wrap it in faux barnwood peel and stick wallpaper and I am so glad I made that decision! 

Then I drilled 2 holes into the top of the sign and using some jute string I placed it in one of the holes
and tied a double knot to secure it in place.  

Then I strung on some wood beads that I had purchased and attached the other end to the sign.

The next thing I did was glue some small sized wood clothespins onto the sign.

To finish this project I made a Blessed decal and placed it onto the sign and I am loving how this one
turned out!

For the next project I used a dollar tree sign as well and knew I wanted to paint this one so I started by
using sandpaper to get the glitter off of the front of the sign.

Then I started painting using white acrylic paint.

After I had the coverage I wanted with the white, I used some black paint to lightly go around the edges and different areas to give it more of a distressed and worn look.

Then I added a small clothespin using e6000. 

I decided to use a pretty picture of my little yorkie when she was a pup on it, so sweet!

The next project I worked on I used this basket.
I thought it would be a fun backdrop for some photo's.

I simply used some jute twine, added some wood beads and glued a clothespin on the twine every 5 beads and after it had dried I tied it onto my basket. 

I can easily remove it if I decide to do something else with the basket and I think this makes a fun
photo display.

I have the video linked below if you'd like to check it out in better detail, I also have the peel and stick wallpaper and beads linked below (both from amazon) If you'd like to look into those further.

Have a great week!

 - Tina

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Faux Barnwood Peel and Stick wallpaper: Found Here
Wood beads: Found here

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