Dollar Tree DIY Simple Wood Desk Organizer and an Updated Vase

Good Morning!

Today I am sharing how I turned some inexpensive dollar tree wood boxes into a pretty desk organizer as well as updated a simple glass vase to a much more high end look!

I wanted to create a fun organizer for my desk space and decided to use some of these wood boxes that I had purchased at dollar tree to see what I could come up with.

I started by removing all the boxes from the packaging and taking out the wooden drawers.

Then I used some wood glue to glue 3 of the wood boxes together.
I wanted 2 sets of 3 of the boxes so I used a total of 6 of the wood boxes from dollar tree.

After the glue had dried, I wanted to place the 2 sets together however I wanted the back section to sit up higher than the front so I glued some wood caps to the bottom for feet.

After the glue dried I placed the front and back section together using wood glue as well.

I went back and forth on if I wanted to paint my new organizer or leave it natural.
I eventually chose to paint it, however I left the interior and the wood feet in the natural wood color and I think it turned out so pretty.

Then it was time to load it up and put it to use.

Small mason jars fit perfectly into the sections so I chose to use them in the back for taller items.

In the front I put some of my post it notes, scotch tape, and the highlighters that I use for my bible. 

After I had my items in my new organizer, I chose to dress it up even more with this fun rhinestone look ribbon and I am really loving how it turned out.

That just elevated it so much!

Sooooo pretty!

I also wanted to give a new look to a simple glass vase and I knew I wanted to use spray paint.

So I simply taped off the top with a piece of card stock and painters tape to protect the portion of the vase that I didn't want to paint. 

Then I took it outside and gave it a couple coats of paint in a pretty shade of pink.

When the paint had dried I took it inside and removed the card stock/tape and I think it turned out so pretty just like it was but of course I wanted to dress it up even more.

I used the pretty rhinestone ribbon around the vase with some tacky glue and I absolutely love how
this vase turned out!

In fact I wanted to use it right away so I went outside and found some pretty blooms from my yard to display in my new vase.

I may have to make more of those because I decided to put this one in my kitchen instead of on my desk. lol.  😉

 - Tina

If you'd like to see the video I have it below as well as on my YouTube Channel HERE!

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Glass Vase: Dollar Tree
Wood Boxes: Dollar Tree
Rhinestone look ribbon: Dollar Tree
Wood Glue: Found Here
Tacky Glue: Found Here
Acrylic Paint: Found Here
Spray Paint: Found Here

Amazon Storefront/Faves Page found here

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