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Sharing some super simple and fun decor ideas using items I purchased at dollar tree!

These are all so simple to do and I only used scissors and glue on these projects!

For the first project I wanted to use this concrete candle holder, and a cloche dome.
(both purchased at dollar tree)

I am using the concrete base from the candle holder, and the dome from the cloche for this diy.

I used a glass chess piece and attached it to the top of the dome to dress it up and give it a much more high end look.

I just love how this turned out!

So pretty!

For the next idea I wanted to use the top of the concrete candle holder.

It could easily be spray painted any color you like but I chose to leave it gold.

I simply added a glass candle holder (also purchased at dollar tree) and a candle and done.

A fun candle holder with a high end look!

I like that I can easily change up the look of it with a little paint or different candle as well.

The next idea I had was using a pretty gift box. 
(also from dollar tree)

I wanted to dress it up further by adding some diamond wrap to the lid.
(also purchased at dollar tree)

So I used some tacky glue to attach it around the lid.

I think this would make a cute gift box amp'd up with the bling wrap, such a fun presentation!
I had thought about using it for a small canister to contain loose items on my desk or dresser that I didn't want floating around.
I think they would be a fun little catch all for extra chargers, loose change, just so many things.

But I chose to go ahead and use the lid on the bottom of the canister and use it as an organizer on my desk.

So fun.

The last idea I had was using this little jar candle holder and pearl wrap.

So similarly to the gift box I used tacky glue and attached the pearl wrap around the bottom of the jar to dress it up.

I think these would be fun lined up and used as organization at a desk with pens, pencils, binder clips, paper clips etc..  but I am going to use it as a fun little candle holder.

I think it is a fun little accent piece that can be tucked into different area's around the home.

Which one is your favorite?

I am absolutely loving how the beautiful cloche turned out! :0)

I hope you enjoy the video!
You can find it here on my youtube channel or I also have it linked below!

Have a great week!

 - Tina

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