Grocery Haul / Cleaning & Organizing the Fridge

Today I am finally tackling cleaning out and organizing our refrigerator.

I have been picking up different containers to help in organizing our refrigerator and was sort of just putting it off I guess 😬 so I finally decided to just get it done.      

So this video is a bit different from the normal video content that I share, but I had mentioned in a previous video that I was going to be tackling this task and thought I would go ahead and share it as well.    
I almost didn't but thought it might be fun to go ahead and add in a different type of video now and then.
The majority of the videos that I share will definitely be more of some type of diy or a project of some sort that I am working on. 

I have the video linked below and you can find it on my youtube channel here if you'd like to check it out.
I also shared a grocery haul with the individual prices/total I spent because I know I find that interesting to see what others pay in different parts of the country for the same type of items. 😉

I hope you enjoy it and have a great week!

 - Tina

to see more details of items used/shown in video they are linked below:
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over sink strainer: Here 3 pc snack containers: Here longer fridge freezer bins (set of 2): Here soda can container (med.): Here berry bin: Here 64 oz water bottle: Here kitchenaid aqua utensil (slotted spoon): Here aqua utensil (slotted turner): Here aqua utensil (spoon): Here aqua utensil (spatula): Here aqua utensil (blender spatula): Here

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