New Video Up! 4th of July centerpiece decor ideas

Today I am sharing some decorative centerpiece ideas that I worked on for the upcoming 4th of July holiday!

The majority of the items I am using for these projects actually came from dollar tree so they are quite budget friendly and I am looking forward to decorating with them for the 4th of July!

The first centerpiece idea I worked on I chose to use a glass candle holder as well as a glass vase. 

I couldn't find the shape of vase that I had wanted but my store did have one option, so I decided to just go with it.  
However, I wanted to give it more height so I used the candle holder as the base to achieve that.

I just turned the candle holder upside down and used a little hot glue to attach them together.

Then instead of using ribbon I decided to try out a dollar tree scarf that I had picked up and I tied it around around the vase into a simple bow.   I wasn't exactly sure how this was going to look but I thought it would be fun to give it a try and I actually liked it.

I wanted to use a vase filler of some sort, so walking around the store I ran across a package of mesh tube in the garden section so I decided to give that a try.  So basically I just stuffed it all in the vase and left a few longer loops sticking out, which I know it looks a little odd right now, but I think it actually turned out kind of fun in the end. :0)

I wanted to use this metal garden stake but it was a little to tall so I just cut the stake down to the size I needed and placed it into the vase. 

I also cut each loop of the mesh so that it had single strands sticking out, somewhat to resemble fireworks.

I then took some patriotic faux florals (from dollar general) and added them into my vase, 
as well as some mini flags.
I also added a small metal star to the center of the bow for another fun touch.
I just took the star from a sign that I had also purchased at dollar tree. 

I placed it on our kitchen table in a galvanized tray with a mini chalkboard and red candle, and I also used another dollar tree scarf as a table runner of sorts.  

How fun!

The next centerpiece I worked on was using a red cup and a glass candlestick. 
(both from dollar tree)

I simply hot glued them together as well.

Then I added some pretty silver ribbon that I had picked up (dollar tree) to the bottom of the cup to dress it up further using some tacky glue.

The cup tapers a bit so the ribbon didn't lay perfectly flat, they slightly overlapped at the bottom where the 2 ends of ribbon came together so I simply snipped off 2 of the silver beads and then it worked out great.

(shown in better detail in my video)

I added in some faux florals and mini flags and I think this is a pretty addition to our decor for the 4th of July as well!

The last item I worked on was using this fun water bottle.
(also from dollar tree)

I thought it was too cute not to use somewhere in my home for the holiday and a vase for fresh flowers came to mind.

So I removed the lid/straw and added some water, and then looked around my yard for some pretty
florals to make a fun arrangement.

I chose to add a buffalo check bow to the top of the 'vase', and I also added another one of the metal stars to the bottle using some hot glue.

I added a couple other decorative pieces and I think this little area turned out fun as well.

I hope you enjoyed these budget friendly ideas and if you'd like to see them in better detail I have the video linked below and you can also find it on my YouTube Channel Here!

I am really looking forward to the upcoming holiday how about you?

- Tina

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