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Sharing a really fun Fall Wreath today!

I had purchased some of the pumpkin shaped wire wreath forms at dollar tree and I decided to turn one into a fun wreath design.

I knew I wanted to paint the wreath form, so I took it outside and used some spray paint to paint it white.

After the wreath form had dried I took it back inside.  
I knew I wanted to add a fun backing to my wreath so I placed it on some cardboard, and traced the outline of the pumpkin shape with a marker, and cut it out.  

I then placed some peel and stick faux barn wood wallpaper onto the cardboard cut out and glued the wreath form to the cardboard backing.

I could've used scrapbook paper, gift wrap, etc. but I chose to go ahead and use the faux barn wood for a fun farmhouse look.

I used binder clips to hold the wreath form onto the backing until it dried.

Next was the fun part of adding in the fall florals and pumpkins!

I just picked out the florals and pumpkins that I thought would match my decor and that I really liked together.    The colors and design could easily be changed up to match any decor.

I chose to use 3 ribbons for my bow, and create a layered bow with them.
(ribbon all purchased at dollar tree)

If you'd like to see in further detail how I make my bows I do have a video dedicated to that on my youtube channel.

I attached the bow and then chose to add jute twine to the stem of my pumpkin.   I love the natural look and think it goes really well with the burlap pumpkin and the farmhouse decor!

I am absolutely loving how this wreath turned out.  In fact I hung it up in my kitchen! :0)

If you'd like to see the video with a little more detail on how I made this fun project I have it linked below and you can find it on my youtube channel here.

Have a great week!

 - Tina

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