Decorating the Kitchen for the Holidays | Christmas 2021

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New video up! 
Sharing a mini haul of a few decorative items I recently picked up and how I decorated our kitchen this year for the Christmas season! 🎄💚

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Today I have a new video up on my YouTube channel sharing how I decorated our kitchen this year for the Christmas season 🎄 and a mini haul of a few items that I have picked up to add to our decor this year.

I am still working on decluttering and simplifying our home,  and I have actually gotten rid of a lot of items this year including some of our Christmas decor, so I didn't feel a bit guilty about bringing in a few new items. 😉
I actually made a rule for myself that if I didn't use the decor this year I have to let it go,
so far I am doing pretty good with following it, lol.

I am so happy with how our kitchen turned out, and glad I chose to go ahead and put up a tree again which I hadn't planned on doing.   Such a fun addition!

I am getting close to being done with the decorating inside the house but still need to work on the outside and get the lights up, but I am taking my time and enjoying the process. 

Have you started to decorate yet or do you wait til after Thanksgiving?

I have the video up on my YouTube channel here and will link it below as well.

 - Tina

Item Details:
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Pink Beanie: here
Red truck: here
similar red truck: here
faux barn wood wallpaper: here
kitchen mirror: here

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