Daily imperfections..

As I sit here exhausted from a busy day, I find myself thinking about all the things I still need to get done.. And where I wasted time during the day...  And, what I  think I should've gotten done.. and so on, and so on...

We certainly can be hard on ourselves at times can't we? Especially when we are tired. :0)

I am reminded of how it's ok that not every little thing is done.. It's ok that I sat and watched some tv, and wasn't "busy" for a little while.   Sometimes I think we can let ourselves focus so hard on all the things we need to do, or that we want to do, that we forget all we actually accomplished.
So I am just reminding anyone out there that may need to hear it, as well as myself..  To give yourself permission to not be "busy" all the time. :0)     To focus on the accomplishments, and not the negatives.. and to choose to be ok with the 'imperfections' of our daily lives, and enjoy them anyway!

So.. Here's to having a wonderful day, with all it's accomplishments and imperfections!

Blessings to you.


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