Antique Frame Turned Christmas Wreath

You may remember how I used an old antique wood frame for a wreath back
in the spring...

(You can see how I used it as my Spring Wreath: HERE)

I have since changed wreaths a few times, but I decided to revisit my antique frame
for upcoming Christmas.

I left the burlap ribbon on the frame that I had used in my spring wreath..
 just because I love the look of it and I thought it would go nicely with what I had in mind.

Now to sprucing it up...
I cut a piece of red mesh ribbon, and got a few random Christmas ornaments,
some craft wire, and wire cutters.

I just slipped the red mesh ribbon through the burlap ribbon that I already had tied on the frame.

Seriously, doesn't get much easier than that. :0)

Then I strung the ornaments onto the craft wire...

Held the wire up so the ornaments all went together in a bunch at the bottom.  Then cut the wire
so I had several inches of extra wire on each side of the bunch.

Gave the wire a twist to secure the ornaments...
Then just added it to my 'wreath' by securing it to the top with the wire.

So cute and so simple..
and I had everything on hand, so a no cost kind of project. Yay!

Could certainly add some greens, pinecones, etc.
The options go on and on.. and who knows I may change it up again.
But for now I am liking the simple look of it.

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  1. Super cute Tina. I am ready to decorate for Christmas and can't wait for next week to get started! Have a lovely Friday and weekend.

    Blessings, Vicky


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