Kitchen Cabinets Before and After - Oak to White

My 'farmhouse' kitchen update is going well and my newly painted cabinets are finally finished.
I gotta say I am loving it.

Of course now I have more projects in mind.. isn't it funny how one project snowballs
into several others.

I will start by showing where my kitchen started:

A lot of wood tones, which I actually did like.
However, I knew that I eventually wanted to add a backsplash.
When I finally decided that it was time to update my kitchen I added several new accent pieces,
a lot of farmhouse inspired pieces, a more vibrant diy valance, and came up with
my faux barnwood backsplash.

I liked it so much better.

Of course I have always liked white kitchens, and I would pretty much
oooh and ahhh over them,
and I really wanted to change mine up and paint my cabinets a bright white.

However, that decision took me a looooooooong time to convince myself
that it was a good idea to paint over my oak cabinets.  (Yikes)

I have painted a lot of furniture and would say I have pretty much
always been happy the result, but my kitchen cabinets just seemed like
a whole other thing for some reason.

So I spent a lot of time searching online, and a lot of going back n forth with "what if's."
What if this and what if that.
So after a lot of thought and contemplating, I chose to paint ONE cabinet
to see what I thought of the result.
My thinking was it would be easier to change one cabinet if by some chance I
didn't like it, but I was about 99% convinced that I would.

Well 99% quickly changed to 100% Yes! And I got to work.

It is definitely a lot of work, but so worth it in the end.

I am so glad I finally jumped in and did it.
What a difference!

It is so bright and cheerful compared to the before and I can see that even more
by looking at the photo's side by side.


For the hardware I wanted something similar to what I had
so I didn't have to change the hole placement, and I wanted to go with black for my
farmhouse kitchen so after searching online, I chose to purchase this design.

I am so glad I went with black knobs.
I think the white cabinets and black knobs go wonderfully with my backsplash.

Totally loving the new look.

Now I am debating on paint colors for the kitchen among other idea's.
(That snowball effect I was talking about) :0)

Have a great weekend!                                                                                               -TinaH

(I will list a few more kitchen details below in case you would like to check anything
out further and if you would like a tutorial on how I chose to paint my cabinets
 just drop a comment to let me know)

A few more of my kitchen details:

Hardware I chose to use:
(can click on the photo of the knob to see more info on it if you'd like to,
it is an *affiliate link)

If you'd like to see how I made my backsplash,
you can see that blog post here:  faux barnwood backsplash

The painting process that I chose to use I talked about in the post: here.

Items that I used for this paint project are shown below, if you'd like to check them out
further you can click on the photo of the item.      (*affiliate links)

(For reference: I used 9 jars of satin enamel paint and 2.25 jars of stain blocker)


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  1. What a transformation! I absolutely love the way white cabinets look in a kitchen!

  2. Your kitchen looks great! I love how the white cabinets really open the room up!

  3. I love the way yours turned out. My house was newly painted just before I purchased it. Little did I know they didn't sand or prepare the wood at all for painting so much of it has chipped and peeled away. I think next year I will be looking at doing something similar.


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