Friday Favorites (7/12/13)

Time for my Friday Five.. Favorites that is.

Let's get to it, shall we?

 I talked about attending College Orientation and a lesson I learned from going.. this photo is the actual dinner we were served while there. (Yum!)  I had never had spinach lasagna before. I must say that I do eat spinach in my salads a lot.. but the sound of 'spinach lasagna' well.. didn't seem so appealing to me.. but it was good!    Now I am on the search for a good spinach lasagna recipe.. so to all my blog friends - do you have a good spinach lasagna recipe? 

 Yay for craigslist.. we were able to reunite doorstop to her family, and we sold our older table/chairs set.

 Pallet signs are all over these days.. and I have been making a few here and there.. I made this Coffee sign for my kitchen this week. 

 Strawberry Shortcake.. I made homemade Angel Food cake this week, and turned it into a strawberry shortcake masterpiece.. (ok, so maybe it wasn't a masterpiece - but it was gooood!)  :0)


Updated my Flower shaped Mirrors.. again.. yep, for a 3rd time.  Is there no end to updating these mirrors?  Well, maybe when there is so much paint on them you can no longer tell it started out as a flower, but then I could always take the mirror out of the flower frame and turn it into a whole new project.. or bust out a chisel to chip away all the layers of paint, or... well,  it is safe to say that it could go on and on.. and on.  

Have a great weekend all..

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  1. Just catching up on my blog reading! What a great week you had. That spinach lasagna looks delish. I am working on menu planning to get more organized when I go back to work and this would be great for my Meatless Mondays! Love the sign and the mirrors turned out super cute! I redo thing constantly too...the beauty of paint!

    Blessings, Vicky
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