Weekend recap and rambling

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a great Valentines Day!

I was given some of my favorite candies, the sweetest card ever, and a
big heart shape box of these lovelies:

Pay no attention to the missing ones in the photo..  and we won't mention
the several others that disappeared after taking the photo.. 

We also really don't need to mention that I made this oh so wonderful
 Cherry Jello Cake .. or that I will have to visit the treadmill a little more because of it. 
Nope, no need to mention. :0)

While I am rambling on so, 
I recently discovered that I can almost get my hair into a ponytail.. almost.
I use to live in a ponytail.. seriously, growing up 99.9% of the time my hair 
was in a ponytail. Really long, and really in a ponytail.

When I got older and made my own hair decisions.. :o) I cut my hair off,
then eventually let it grow, until I cut it off again, then let it grow..  
you get the picture. All sorts of length's, all sorts of styles. 
I really enjoy changing it up.  

Well, I decided to let it grow for a couple of years and it had become quite long 
at this time last year (mid back).
Then I went and cut it off again, over the summer.  While I did like it at first,
let me tell ya, I have had many a moments wondering what was I thinking. 
One of those hair regrets.

So I am excited that I can finally get it up and out O' my face!
(with some help of a few bobby pins) but hey, I hear messy hair is in.. :0)

I recently picked up these stretchy, textured headbands to try out.
I thought they were really cute.. headbands have come a long way
over the years.
(do you remember those thick hard plastic ones with the
"teeth" that made you feel like they were digging into your skull?) 

These look so much better.

On to the weekend recap..

We had a great time hanging out around the house eating way too
many sweets.
I have been working on a few different project idea's.. in prep mode
ya might say..  drawing up different idea's, measuring, trying to narrow 
down exactly how I want something to function/look, and of course
checking out pinterest for even more idea's.  

Well, we finally tackled one of the easier 'to do' projects on the list that
I have been wanting to do for quite some time and I will be sharing it with
you tomorrow.  What a difference a little trim, a little time, a few tools, 
and some adhesive can make.

We have a snow day today, so I am off to spend the day with my daughter..
who just so happens to be my favorite girl in the whole wide world. 
Have a great day.

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  1. Sounds like a nice weekend. That cherry poke cake looks so yummy! I have never had that flavor, but I know it is good. I love poke cake and I love cherry, so it's a win win! Hope you enjoyed your day with your daughter. Oh, I can put my hair back in a very short pony tail as well now, but I am wanting my hair cut off again! LOL


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