Organizing challenge - master bathroom makeup drawer

I have been participating along with the
Four Week “Wait No More” Organizing Challenge @ I Heart Organizing,
It has been a lot of fun choosing a space to work on that has just
been ignored for way too long.

Last week I tackled the Master Bathroom Linen Closet with a quick spruce up.
What a difference a few minutes can make, so much better.

This week I decided to stay in the Master Bathroom and tackle another space
that has gotten out of control, and quite frankly it's a space that is
really easy to put off organizing. (shut the drawer & move on) :0)

Yep, the makeup drawer.. ugh.

Let me just start with the before and after.. don't want to scare you with
a before picture right away! ha.

Yep..  while I actually had plastic dividers and small mason jars in place, ya can barely
see them in the before.

It was definitely long over due for a serious clean out..
(keeping it real)

I started by emptying the entire drawer.. and piled everything on the counter, and quite
a pile it was.

Then I gave the drawer and the dividers a good wipe down, placed the dividers
back inside the drawer and proceeded to organize like items with like items..
and toss stuff no longer wanted or *uh hem*.. packaging that items
had came in. (oops!)

I went ahead and added a third jar for organization,
love mason jars - they are just so handy to have around and these
small ones work perfectly in here.

Then I decided to try out another divider, but across the top of the drawer
to see if it would fit..  Wahooo for extra storage!
It has a little lip on each end and so it just worked perfectly.

So my brushes went into the top basket all neat and tidy..
Then I have one holding compacts of eye shadows, blushes, etc, the middle one
holds combs, and a couple hair items (most my hair stuff stays in the bottom drawer)
and then the last one holds toothpaste/floss etc.

The larger divider with the three small mason jars holds foundation,
concealers, pencils, lipsticks, mascara,  and so on..
 you get the idea. :0)

The toss pile consisted of packaging materials, as well as some no longer want,
empty, and misc. items.

I moved a few things that could go elsewhere, like my eyeglass case.

Plus I placed some travel size/sample items into a makeup bag which got moved
into my cabinet and now they are ready to go for any upcoming trips..
( hairspray/toothpaste/sunscreen samples etc.)

Decluttered and Organized,  the after once again.

Ahhhh, you can almost hear my sigh of relief can't you? :0)
So much better, and so much easier to grab what I am actually looking for instead
of rummaging around through a pile of stuff.

So do you have any tips or tricks on how you organize your makeup?

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Four Week Wait No More Organizing challenge @ I Heart Organizing


  1. Looks great! I like the use of mason jars and the basket across the top was genius! I will have to check out the challenge you're participating in. I have been cleaning out and reorganizing all over the house but still have much to do. I have several large boxes of donations and can't wait to get rid of them! Feels good to get rid of junk!

    1. Thanks Vicky.. I know exactly what you mean. My craft room/guest room right now is a disaster with boxes of stuff to find new homes for/donate/sell and so on.. ready to get it out of there so I can get that room back in order.. but we have been spending a lot of time outdoors so it is all still there waiting on me.. ha. I agree that it does feel good to get rid of junk.
      Have a great evening.

  2. Looks great, Tina! I use drawer organizers from The Container Store and put all lipsticks in one, powders in another, etc. It's so much easier to find and know what you have when sorted like that. And it helps to throw away the packaging right away :) I know I'm guilty of that too.


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