Going Gingham in the kitchen

Several months ago I decided to change up my kitchen colors and
decided I wanted to use red and turquoise..
so I started searching for 'red' linens.

I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a true red in linens.

Burgundy, no problem..
Brick red.. sure,
but a true bright red?  Nope.
And it was pretty much the same problem for aqua/turquoise as well.

Well finally I found it..

Daughters Bathroom Makeover, it all started with a shower curtain

"It all started with a shower curtain..."

I wanted to give my daughters bathroom a new look..
and we discussed some colors, idea's, and then we started looking
around whenever we went to the store at shower curtains and so on.
 Found some we kind of liked, but nothing that really jumped out at us.

Then we found it..
a pretty ombre design that started at a pretty shade of mint
and went to turquoise.