Organizing the kitchen with space saving dishes

Since Going red in my kitchen, I have been wanting to get
new dishes..

My pretty shade of orange dishes just no longer matched the kitchen
color scheme.

Besides all of that these dishes took up a LOT of cabinet space.

So debating dishes and looking around I came across a set of crisp white
dishes that had a simple touch of red that I was happy with,
so I decided I would get them 'one of these days'..
and then didn't think much else of it.

Fast forward a couple months and while at the store the other day
what caught my eye.. dishes.
Crisp white with a touch of red.
They were on the end of a store aisle, and on a clearance price of half off.

Yep, the space saving dishes I told myself I would get 'one of these days'.

Space saving you ask?
Why yes, I did take a photo to show the comparison. :0)

Here are 8 plates side by side: