Kitchen spruce up, red and turquoise

I have been trying to add in more touches of reds and shades of turquoise in my kitchen..
who knew it was so hard to find a bright red?
I have seen lots of shades of deep reds, burgundy's and so on,
but I have yet to find a bright red tablecloth, or table runner.
I haven't given up, but until I find one I do have a pretty printed
floral one that I look forward to using.   (Come on Spring.. Lol)

So today I thought I would share what I have done so far and a few of the items
that I have found.

I had received a gift card at Christmas so what did I use it for?
New dishes for my china hutch.

However, I didn't do the match-y match-y thing.

I chose cream colored plates and beautiful printed dishes to go with them!