Master Closet Reveal

I am so excited to share my Master Closet now that I have it all finished.

To me one of the best parts of tackling a project is seeing it all pulled together.

Drumroll please.... 

Why didn't I do this years ago?

Love it.

So here was my plan for storage..

However, I couldn't stop there, after loading up our closet with our clothes, etc.
it was time to tackle the shoe storage, so I added more shelving.

This space was wasted before by the door that was here.
However, since I removed it I was able to take advantage of this extra space by
using 2 small shelving units  and adding 3 more shelves onto the wall above

I knew I wanted a designated space for my taller boots (similar here) , so I used a pair of them
to get a measurement before deciding where to place the shelves onto the wall.
I try to always think about how I want to use a space before building, or drilling
holes. :o)

We have a small home and on my mission to decorate (and redecorate)
and get everything organized,
I have learned vertical storage is kind of a must, and not to overlook extra space
when you find it.

(cute animal print boots can be found here)

I am so glad I decided to remove that door!

I really like having the extra drawer space in the closet.  
Plus now I know I can build a drawer! Oh the projects that I have in mind.. Lol.

I did have to downsize some stuff, but that is okay with me.
It was time to dig a little deeper and be a little pickier about what I really
 wanted to keep.
(I have always thought I did pretty good at getting rid of clutter/stuff, but 
maybe I should check out this book and read about the konmari method that
 I have heard so much about) Anyone read it?

When I see how this space looks now compared to the before.. it is definitely worth
letting go of some things, I am not missing any of it, and honestly it makes me want
to get rid of more stuff. :0)

I am actually enjoying this space now, and we can actually walk in our walk in 
closet.. and hey, what girl doesn't like a organized closet?     

(You can see more about my Master Closet here (part 1), and here (part 2). )

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

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