The busy of every day and A Look Back - Christmas 2016

Happy December 2017!

and a early Merry Christmas!?! Huh? 
Where has this year went I wonder.

Such a busy year..
a graduation, planning, prepping, and helping our daughter move for College,
holidays, birthdays, and can I just say... the busy of every day life. 

Before you know it, a year has went by.

So hello there,
I know it has been a while..

I thought I would start off this day with a look back at our Christmas Decor 2016.
My first flocked tree.. love.

My  Snowman that I made from wood embroidery hoops

My Lantern Swag and free to me wall art.

My burlap tree is hanging in my craft room/guest room.. and I really like the simplicity of it.

My cowboy snowman picture is something I added last year.. so stinking cute and he will be up again, and sticking around all season long.

Oh the plaid.. love!

Plaid throws, Buffalo Plaid pillow covers, a Santa Hat, and my

A little more Christmas over here, from a vintage look ceramic Christmas tree, to a santa hat.

A big jingle bell, stars, wooden tree's, a little more plaid and a touch of cow print of course. :0)

My little Christmas Tree hauling truck .

My little Alpine Tree sitting pretty with Homespun Candy Cane ornaments.

My Christmas decor is up and getting ready for Christmas 2017.. it all looks pretty
similar to 2016.. :0)   with a few new touches here and there.

My favorite new addition is my big red truck.
Here she is hauling some bottle brush tree's and I added some dainty battery powered Christmas
lights to them.. awe, just one of my all time favorite decor pieces I gotta say.

In fact I used it for Thanksgiving with fall leaves and pumpkins in the back and it was just
as cute then! :0)

How is your Christmas decor coming along?

Will share more soon,
Thanks for stopping by!

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