Galvanized Tub Turned Planter

In full on gardening mode, I have been looking at planters and have found some beautiful ones.
I have several on my wish list.

However, if you have priced planters.. some of them are c r a z y expensive and just not in my
budget right now. (I'd rather buy more plants) :o)

Do you see the Pretty Purple Flowers below? Gorgeous!
I have several of those and love how they perform so when I saw a came across
a pink one at a local store, of course a couple of those came home with me too.
However, I needed a new planter for them.

I found a few I was debating on, and then I ran across a entire section of galvanized tray's,
tubs/ice buckets, utensil holders,  and this oval tub/ice bucket caught my eye:


All I needed to do was get out my drill and add a drainage hole.

Raised Garden Planters

I decided to try something different for my garden this year.
It is going to be a 'testing it out project' for me.

In the past I have had a decent size garden area and
planted several things, usually around 16-20 tomato plants, and so on.
I certainly cannot say that I am fond of all the maintenance it required.
 (crabgrass anyone?)  

So I decided to look into raised beds or planters this year, hoping for less pulling crabgrass maintenance.

I considered building them, and have looked at different idea's in regards to that,
but I have several other projects going on and happened across these planters and
after reading reviews at different website's and searching for the food safety info on them,
I decided to go ahead and try these self watering planters out this year.

( I would recommend anyone looking for a raised planter, or interested in 
these, or something similar that would be used for gardening to definitely
research the food safety aspect of it)

I went ahead and purchased 2 of them so I can get an idea of how I like the raised garden bed idea,
and I chose the blue color.
(they come in several colors)

My Inexpensive Hanging Planters

If you follow me then you know I recently built a rustic fence across my front yard and I
decided I wanted to place some sort of hanging baskets so I could plant some flowers along it as

I looked at purchasing some but decided to see if I could make something at a better
price point since I was thinking I wanted several and that would get expensive rather quickly.