Favorites from 2018

I thought as 2018 is coming quickly to an end I would put together just a few of my
favorite products (beauty/fashion edition) from the year..
some that continue to be loved favorites of mine and a few new ones mixed in.

These are all items that I personally use,
and plan to purchase more of in the future. 😉

For the feet.. 

Wrap it up Mission & Giving Grace

We have had quite a busy past few weeks in case you have noticed a lag in posts being published,
and the word busy feels like such an understatement and no where near adequate enough
to describe it.

A lot of unexpected's..
Trips to hospitals, trip to our vet,  lack of sleep,
and a whole lot of prayers going out.
There have been a lot of ups and downs, some big and some small..
but God is faithful, God is sooo good!

I usually feel better prepared for Christmas.
I almost always start my shopping extremely early and have always thought I
was somewhat on top of it so to speak.    
However, sometimes life has a way of mixing things up and being on top of things is not the
story of this Christmas season.

So I have been on a 'wrap it up' mission this week to get the shopping done.
Making sure I have all the gifts figured out,  gifts wrapped, menu and
get the grocery shopping done!
Today I plan to work on the desserts and get as much done as possible
ahead of time. (fingers crossed). 

I think I am finally finished with shopping for everything as I check over my list,
and then check it again... and I'll just say it - check it again. 😉

Although it feels like Christmas time has sort of snuck up on us this year.. I absolutely love this
time of year.  The decorations, the lights, the food, the joy of the season,
and being with my family.  Nothing better than that. 

We put up a lot of lights this year, including decorating my rustic fence.

DIY a Simple Farmhouse Style Christmas Ornament

So do you remember my cutesy red trucks hauling Christmas tree's mini ornaments that I used in making these fun ornaments? ♡

Stocking Stuffers for the Furbabies

While we like to stuff the stockings for Christmas for our family,
we also have a Stocking for our fur babies to enjoy so I decided to share
a few idea's for the fur family members.

If you don't already have a stocking, I ran across these paw shaped stockings.
So cute.

Go To Stocking Stuffers for the young adults

We have a tradition in our home of opening up our stockings on Christmas Eve.
It also usually involves silly string and a hilarious silly string fight.
It is something my husband and I started with our kids when they were
little and we have done that pretty much forever.

Searching for some fun stocking stuffer style gifts I thought I would share my
Go To Stocking Stuffer Fave's and include a few Inexpensive Gifts that would
also work in a stocking.   Our kids are now in their early 20's so this is
geared more towards young adults, and the young at heart adults. 😜