DIY Rustic Pallet No Cost Patio Coffee Table

After just recently adding another patio space to our backyard I knew I wanted to
add something to it.   Since I really liked the rustic look of my pallet planters I made,
I thought why not a coffee table.

(corresponding video)

So I got to work on my rustic pallet coffee table for my patio.

I knew what size I wanted it to be and that was pretty much it.
I really had no idea besides the size of what I was going to do, just
decided to get started and see what I could come up with.
Does anyone else do projects like that? Lol.

After having a pile of pallet boards ready to go I just placed them on the
ground and the length was actually perfect, (40" long) so I put enough boards together to get
my width and then I had to figure out how to attach them together.

I decided to just lay another board across the top.. after all I was going
for a simple rustic look, nothing fancy. :0)

So I marked where I needed to cut and attached the boards, measuring 4" from
the end of each side to attach them evenly.

Then I decided to work on the end panels.
I basically made them the same way, just changing the measurements for the height, and
still placed 2 boards to attach them all together.   However, I placed the 2 boards along
the edges at the top/bottom of each panel instead away from the edge like I did for the top.

Now for the mishap that occurred,
I was working on the 2nd end panel and just about done with it
when the screw slipped off to the side and well.. 
(keeping things clean here I didn't think I needed to share all the details) :0)
So I'll just say that things happened, it wasn't good, and
I definitely earned myself a trip to Urgent Care to get it taken care of.
Was thankful they were open.   Enough said. 😉

I had to take a little break from this project ya might say.
(insert some sort of 'waiting' themed music.. lol)

So in getting back to the project,

I needed to figure out how to attach the ends to the top.. so I flipped the top
over and decided to add a board 2" from the edge so I had something to attach
the end panels to.

After attaching the end panels, I chose to add a side board to the top to give it a more finished look as well as strengthen the end panels a little more.  Then I also added one along the bottom.  
Now it is sturdy.

and here she is..

The overall dimensions are 40" long x 19" wide x 16" tall.

I am loving it in this space and the fun rustic look it has.

I am still working on this garden space and as always I do consider this
area a work in progress as I decide if I want to keep the patio furniture or change it out,
what planters to use as well as what plants for the surrounding flowerbeds, but all in all
so far so good.

I also made a video (here) of the process to share for those
that enjoy vlogs/video's.  I am new to the vlog side of things
but I am enjoying it and hope you will check out my channel.

- TinaH

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Table Overall Measurements are: 40" long x 19" wide x 16" tall
Patio I used: 12" x 12" Pavers
Red Mulch (I just used what I found locally)
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