My Budget Friendly Challenge: Decorating the Patio for the 4th of July

Can you believe the 4th of July holiday is just around the corner?
I heard someone say the other day before you know it, it will be Christmas..
say whaaaaat?, let's just slow down a little there. :0)

Since the 4th of July is super crazy quickly approaching..
I decided to challenge myself and decorate the patio space for the 4th of July
by using items we already had.
( for the most part. )

I did purchase an inexpensive banner that I saw in the store that was around $1.50 so other than that I am only using items we have.

So this is basically a simple spruce up to see if I could decorate the patio space using found items by
adding some little touches here and there.

I had already planted up a red, white, and blue container for the yard using red petunias, blue lobelia, and dusty miller so I decided to use that in this space.      I used a fun galvanized bucket for the planter and I may need to pick up more of these.. they make such a neat and inexpensive container.
I purchased several last year to use and I think they were around $8.00.

So I put the container on my patio table and I simply added a couple small American Flags to it.

I hung up the banner on the fence and had a small section leftover so I just attached it to my planter.

I also had some outdoor throw pillows on hand that I had purchased last year so
that was definitely a score,  and such a simple thing like a pillow can add such an impact.

Then I found some red and blue bandana's that I had from a decor project years ago..
 (they also make great napkins for picnics etc.)😉

I thought they would be perfect to add some bright pops of color to my pallet wood coffee table.

So I simply folded them and layered them across the coffee table and added another planter that
I brought over from our back deck.

Seriously such a fun challenge..  I think it turned out really good for spending
less than $2.00 and I think it looks festive for the upcoming Holiday!

I think the banner adds some depth to the space but wasn't exactly necessary,  and I
could see adding in other items as well but I am sticking with my challenge and
overall I think it looks really good for using found items.

I think the bandana's would be fun to use as napkins for a 4th of July cookout,
so I may have to do that. :0)

Have you challenged yourself to decorate for something on a budget lately? How'd it go?

- TinaH

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Galvanized Bucket:  Here
Bandana's: can find them Here

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