Planting Day! Working on my new flowerbed

Hi there,
I finally had some nice weather and a chance to get to work on
my new flowerbed space, (although it was quite windy!) :0)
so I thought I would share the progress of this garden space with you today.

(corresponding video)

Here is a look at the before to the after of how this space has changed over the past few weeks

What a difference!
Here are the plants that I am going to be placing in this spot.

This is a cleome (or spider flower), they can get quite tall, it is an annual but suppose to attract hummingbirds and butterflies so I thought it was a great spot. 

I also have some beautiful blue delphiniums that I picked up, I will be using 3.

I also have some sedum starts that I got from some mature plants in early spring that I will be adding into this spot as well. 

I also chose to transplant a dwarf Alberta spruce into the back portion of this space, and
planted a new clematis along the fence, and went ahead and popped in some purple
petunia's that I had for some color until I figure out what else I want to add in this space.
I would like to find some salvia and penstemon, and probably some others but I will have
to see what I can find available.

It is probably more clear in the video, but there is a black lace elderberry planted on the other side
of my container.  It grows 6-10 foot tall/wide so I just put a pretty container near it for now as a filler
since if I plant something else close by I will have to eventually move it.   I may change my mind on that and just plant it up anyway and plan to move things later, or thinking about putting in some more annuals.  For now this works until I make up my mind.

It may seem weird to put a big plant near the edge, instead of in the center but we have an electric pole not far away that I am hoping the elderberry will sort of mask when it gets taller but who knows
I am already contemplating what else I could do to try to mask it and go ahead and move the elderberry..  I have seen some fun screens/trellis's built and planted up with clematis that I am kind of thinking about doing.. hmm, any idea's?

it's a work in progress y'all. :0)

But for now I am really happy with how this garden space is going.

(If you'd like to see it all unfold, check out my video here)

Hope you have a great weekend,
- TinaH

Item details:

Plants used:  Black Lace Elderberry,  Cleome (spider flower), delphiniums, sedum, petunia's,
dwarf Alberta spruce, clematis (ville de Lyon)

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