How I Organize and Utilize the Space in our Small Master Closet

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Are you excited about the holiday?  I know I am, I love the 4th of July and I am
so very excited that our kids will be here this year! (does this momma's heart good!) :0)

Today I thought I would share a closet tour with you and share how I organize our small master walk in closet and how I utilize just about every space it has to offer.
I hope it gives you an idea or two if you have a smaller closet you are working on.

(corresponding youtube video)

     This closet has come so far..  when we moved in it had the builder grade white wire shelving,
and I tried several ways to make those work and I just never liked them.

So I finally removed them, filled holes/painted,
and got to work building some customized built ins.


We both have a tower section with shelving and 3 drawers, plus area's for hanging clothes.
This closet also had a door on the right side that swung inward against the wall, and I
wanted to utilize that area for shelves as well so I simply removed the door.

Our closet is located off the side of our master bathroom so a door wasn't necessary
in my opinion anyway, we never shut it so I didn't see the point in keeping it when I could
use that extra space.

So I added cube storage for shoes, as well as upper shelving for boots etc.

My ball caps hang on hooks on the wall, as well as a few lighter weight bags.

My totes and handbags are around the top of the closet on the shelf.
I keep belts and a scarf organizer on the side of one of the towers.

I also purchased some shoe stacking organizers to help save some space and be able to stack shoes
a little more on the neater side. :o).  I need to pick up a few more of these. 

I can fit 2 easily into each cube and then put another pair of shoes in between them, and they look
a lot nicer than piles of shoes.. :0)
They also work well for short boots as well as you can adjust the angle up/down.

Something else I did was change all of my hangers to the space saving style.. I started by
purchasing enough to see if they made much difference and I was happy with them so I
changed them all over.

It is time for me to go through the closet again,
I try to do it at least twice a year sometimes more, and it is long overdue..
just by taking photo's I can see
items I don't use/wear that I need to find a new home for.
However I have also noticed I am more particular these days about what gets to take up
space in our home. :0)

When I go through a closet, I am the type that takes out everything and then go
through it all one thing at a time so I have to have a pretty good time slot to work on
the closet.. although I could easily just pick one section and do that as well.

I made a video as well of our closet if you'd like to check it out: (Here)
or below

- TinaH

Closet Details: 

Shoe Stacking Organizers: similar HERE
Scarf Organizer: HERE
Cube Shelf: HERE
Space Saving Hangers: Similar HERE
Wall Hooks: Similar HERE

Blog Post on when I made my Closet Built Ins: HERE

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