DIY Rustic Farmhouse Display Risers Take #2 | No power tools required

I recently shared a DIY project where I made some wood display risers using scrap wood.
I wanted to make another one in a dark stain, and then I ran across some items
while browsing through a store that I thought would be fun options to use as well.

So I am sharing those today!
Super simple DIY project, both options are fairly inexpensive,
and no power tools required! 😉

Here is a quick reminder of one my original risers that I made.

The first item I ran across that I thought would be a fun option were these blank
wood signs.
They have a hanger attached but I knew I could remove that easy enough as they
were attached with staples.

They had a dark wood version, as well as a white wash one.

I knew I wanted to use the dark stained option but I went ahead and
picked up the white wash style to use in another project later.

These were very inexpensive at $2.54 each, and I think would be a 
fun option for this project if you don't have scrap wood on hand to use to make one
and don't want to have to go buy wood for this project, 
or don't necessarily want to have to use power tools. 

They are a good size, have a nice finish, and are basically ready to use!
(found these blank wooden signs at Walmart)

The other item I thought would be a fun piece to decorate with is this wood slice.
It definitely has rustic charm!
I think the shape of it and the bark all around the edge will be a fun item to decorate with!

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I removed all the packaging, as well as the hanger/staples on the dark stained board.
Then I used these wood knobs  that I purchased to use as
feet for my risers, as well as some wood glue to place them onto the bottom of each piece.

Then I set them aside to let the glue dry.

After the glue had dried,  I simply placed them in different area's around the house
to see how I wanted to use them.

Such a super simple (and quick) project!

I really like the wood slice, such a fun and rustic look and certainly mixes in the farmhouse
style perfectly!

The dark stained one is a fun option to have for decorating as well.. now I just have to decide
where I want to put them!
I am certainly enjoying using these pieces in different area's around the house!

My favorite will have to be the ones I made from using scrap wood, but I like having
the variety of options of different shapes and wood tones, makes decorating so fun!💙

If you'd like to see the corresponding youtube video of this project, check it out here.

If you'd like to see the original diy scrap wood riser Blog Post Here or Video: Here.

Hope you have a great weekend!

 - Tina

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 Blessed Ball Cap I am wearing in the video
(I bought the one that was called pink - which was a distressed black color 
with white letters and a small pink cross)

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