Chair Makeover Project..

When we were visiting family members a while back we stopped in a fun
antique shop to look around..  They had this adorable Shabby Chic chair that I wanted
 for my computer desk/office area.
(I have a large leather type office chair, (boring!) and I have been wanting something different)
 Well, I hesitated on it and didn't buy it.
And of course, I have thought I should have bought it many times since.. Ugh! :0)

Since that town is a couple hours from here, we have been looking
 at nearby flea markets and antique stores that are closer to us to see what we could find.
After looking at several, and finding nothing... We finally found it!
A Heavy, Wood, Antique, & Unique Chair.. Perfect for a makeover!

Here it is:

I took the seat off and added new foam/fabric.. Painted it a light gray, Put the seat back on..

and Here it is now:

Perfect for my office area..
Plus, I had the fabric/batting/paint already so this whole project was.. $12.50!
(which is what we paid for the chair)

Gotta love that!

Cherry Jello Cake..

This is probably one of my favorite desserts..
(definately in the top 10 anyway) :0)
It is super simple to make, so that is a bonus!

I don't know what it is called, I believe I got this recipe from one of my sisters..
so I am just calling it Cherry Jello cake.. :0)
and I don't have an actual recipe, i just know it by heart i guess. ha..


1 boxed white cake mix (plus the ingredients for that)
1 cup water
1 pkg cream cheese
1 container Cool Whip
1 Pkg of Cherry Jello
1 Can of Cherry Pie Filling

Make the white cake as directed, let cool.
Poke holes all over the cake.
Heat water to boil, remove from stovetop, add jello mix and stir it until the jello has dissolved..
let cool a few minutes and then pour all over the cake.
(I then place it in the refrigerator..)
You will want your cream cheese at room temperature, mix it up with your handmixer/mixer and then add in the cool whip.  Mix those together until combined well.
Use your cream cheese/cool whip mixture to frost the cake.
Add your Cherry Pie filling on top of that.

and Enjoy.. Yum!

(Cake needs to be kept in refrigerator)

Freezer Cooking..

Freezer Cooking..

I like to do freezer cooking from time to time to stock up the freezer on ready to heat.. and eat :0)

Last night seemed like a good time to multi task..
So I got my bread machine started making a loaf of bread (homemade bread - yum!),
and decided to do some freezer cooking..
Breakfast Burrito style. :0)

You can make them however you like basically..
they freeze really well, and are a easy breakfast, lunch, snack and so on..

I use 2 pkg's sausage, eggs, shredded cheese, & tortilla shells..
oh, and picante sauce (I forgot to add that in the photo!)

This is how I do it.. I cook the sausage, remove it from the pan.  Then I cook the eggs (scrambled), then mix the sausage back in with the eggs, add the cheese and the picante sauce. When the cheese has melted, remove the pan from heat and add a spoonful (or so) onto a tortilla shell, roll it up and wrap in aluminum foil. 

You could also use ham, add onions, green peppers, Velveeta or whatever you like in your breakfast burritos..

There was enough for supper, and 23 of them wrapped up for the freezer!

New Nailpolish..

New Favorite..

I have a new favorite nail polish to add to my collection..
Ya know, some nail polish colors are kind of hit or miss.. they look better in the bottle than
they do when they actually are on your finger nail.. :0)

Not this one...

Essie's "Sand Tropez" 

Beautiful Nail color!

Fresh Bread..

Fresh Bread..

I have tried a couple different times to make homemade bread lately, but did not succeed either time. :0(
I have been told by a couple of people that the yeast I used must have been a bad batch.. because I used it from the same package each time.. and I followed all the directions etc..
so I will go with that as the reason.. ha.. :0)

I have not given up on it.. and I will attempt it again.

But, in the meantime we purchased a bread making machine.. It is so simple to use,
 and the bread is tasty too..

In fact the photo above is actually the 2nd loaf of bread that I (uh.. the bread machine)
made yesterday, we all liked it so much that the first one went
really quickly! ha..

Good Friday..

This is quite something.. my husband saw this one day while driving out in the country to a job one day,
and he wanted to show it to me..
So we took a drive, and I just had to take a picture of it!

This being Good Friday - I thought it was quite appropriate.
 I have never seen such a huge display in someone's yard before.. it is very unique!

"For God so gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."  John 3:16

Fun Accent Find..

My daughter and I went shopping last night, and I ran across this rectangular bowl that
stood out to me.  It matched the color that i just painted my kitchen.. and bonus, it was on clearance.
 (love that!)

My original plan was to use it as a candle holder, but we couldn't find the right candle for it..
 so we decided it would make a good candy dish.. (It was in the kitchen department afterall) 

Now if i can just keep mints/candy on hand for it.. :0)
otherwise i will be thinking up a new use for it!

To Do List..

 I have been so busy working on my "To Do" List,
 that i haven't checked them off..

So here goes..
Time to check them off!

  • ~ Declutter and reorganize master closet -  Done!
  • Go through files and declutter  Done!
  • Research & purchase a Tablet/ereader... Done!
  • Drink more water (working on it!)
  •  Find an old window for a craft project i would like to do DONE!
  • Paint Master Bathroom  Done!
  • Paint Master Bedroom - Done!
  • Paint Kids Bathroom - Done!
  • Paints Kids Bedrooms DONE!
  • Paint Kitchen - DONE!
  • Paint Living Room - DONE!
  • Declutter/organize kitchen cabinets - DONE!

Gotta love checking stuff off the To Do list!

Cinnamon Stick & Warm Caramel..

Yep, more paint color choices.. :0)
I Chose these colors for my kitchen and living room..

They are called Cinnamon Stick and Warm Caramel - sounds like good kitchen colors to me! :0)

I painted one focal wall in my kitchen with the deep orange shade, and the rest of the kitchen and living room the warm caramel color..  It turned out beautiful.. love it!