Linen Closet Organization Before and After

I started working on reorganizing our linen closet and giving it a makeover,
and it has made quite a transformation over the last few weeks..

Here is the somewhat scary before picture..

Ok.. it wasn't too scary.. it had some organization, but it definately had been overtaken
by things that didn't belong.. (like the cute scarecrows which I considered removing before taking
that photo.. but decided i would keep it real.)  :o)

So I emptied the entire closet, and then decided I wanted to paint it.
So I also removed the shelving.

I painted it white, and then when it had dried I placed the shelves back inside.

Then I purchased a variety of containers at the dollar store in fun lime green and aqua blue shades, as well as a over the door hanging shelf that I found online.  I thought it would add some much needed extra storage to this space.

I went through everything and worked on organizing items into the new containers and my new shelf..  Then  of course placing some fun chalkboard labels and tags throughout the space.
Oh, and I can't forget to mention that I  put the scarecrows somewhere else... :0)

 Here is the after..

What a difference a few containers and an inexpensive extra shelf can make..   and of course my DIY Leaning Ladder Shelf that I made recently that fits in nicely right beside the linen closet.
It adds a little extra organization as well as a big look.

Here are some more photo's of my newly organized linen closet..

I now have a fun organized space with plenty of room for my nail polish storage, and I added a fun chevron simple artwork design to the wall, just because I thought it needed a little something there..  I think it adds a little touch of unexpected whimsy. 

 Most of our extra items are in clear containers on the top shelf, but I placed easy to reach frequently used extra items onto the over the door shelf.  A shelf for first aid items for quick access, including a little red zipper bag that is ready to go, so we can grab n go whenever we go on a trip etc., another shelf for toothbrushes/floss etc.. one for soap which holds one of my Re Purposed Jars.. and so on..

and because we all like that before and after shot...

Such a huge difference with just a little bit of effort..  I am ready to tackle another project. :0)

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  1. It look nice! I love those colorful baskets and fun nail polish storage. I'm visiting you from The Shabby Creek Cottage.

    Jenny from

    1. Thanks Jenny, I love how I can see all the nail polish in one spot and everything has space of it's own. (not crammed in there like it was before) :0)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love it! I especially love the leaning ladder. It really looks like decoration, but it still gives you a little storage space.

  3. This must feel so great to have everything in its place! I just followed you on Google Friend Connect, I hope you can do the same on my blog where I also updated my linen closet :)

    Thanks and happy Tuesdsay!

  4. I love how you found extra storage space on the inside of the door and then added the ladder for easy shelving in a tight spot.


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