happy fall ya'll...

Friday Favorites... (9/20/13)

Here we go...

1). Fabric wrapped Mason Jar Vase.

2). Coffee... lots of it!

3). Fall like weather a couple times this week... so ready for the hoodies!

4). FRIDAY! Wahooo....

5) Pumpkins from Toilet Paper...  Such an adorable and easy craft project for anyone!

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Fabric Wrapped Pumpkins for Fall (using toilet paper)

When my son was in grade school I helped out in his classroom with craft projects a few times, and this is one of the projects we did...
It is so simple and adorable for Fall, and it was a big hit with the kids.

How to make a Toilet Paper Pumpkin...  :0)
Yep, Toilet paper!

Fabric Wrapped Vase for Fall using a mason jar

I decided to use some leftover fabric and wrap a mason jar as a unique vase for a fall
floral arrangement.

So here we go..

I got out some fabric, a jar/lid, flowers, scissors, and ribbon..

First I cut the fabric to just fit my jar.. (enough to go over the opening)

Then I wrapped my jar by pulling the fabric up and squishing it inside the jar, and I attached the ring.

Then I added a bow.

Lastly I added some fall flowers for a unique Fall centerpiece.

I like that I can simply take the fabric off whenever I decide to and can change it up to something else...  and the fabric is still perfect to use at another time for another project, as well as the jar. :0)

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Friday Favorites... (9/13/13)

Hello Friday...
So glad you are here.

I don't know about you, but I am definitely ready for the weekend. can you tell? :0)

Yeppers, it is that time again...  time to share a few of my Friday Fave's...

1). Hot chocolate with marshmallows... need I say more? :0)

2). This cross that I made for my Etsy shop.. love!

3). Going to visit an Orchard and getting lots of fruit canned to stock up the pantry.

4). Making more fun Fall décor...

5). I had a lot of fun sharing my Top 5 Additional Uses for a Plant Stand.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Top 5 Additional Uses for a Plant Stand

I was able to stop by a flea market a while back and picked up 2 things..

First was this shabby looking Plant stand.. which I really liked the chippy paint and teal color, but it was starting to rust.. so had to change it up. 

I also bought a cute little tricycle, just because.

So I gave the plant stand a makeover with white paint... much better.

I intended on using it as a plant stand when I purchased it...
However, I liked it indoors... so I decided to see what I could come up with for
some other uses for this piece.
 So here we go..   my top 5 (additional) uses for a plant stand.

#1).  Cupcake Stand...

#2).  Fruit Stand

#3).   Small display shelf / bathroom storage...

#4).  Small Beverage Cart...

#5).  Jewelry Display...

and here they are altogether...

Hope you enjoyed the the different idea's that I came up with for this fun accent piece of furniture...
maybe it will inspire an idea for your own home.

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God Bless America...

A Weekend review... Orchard, Canning, & a quick pumpkin craft project..

We had a great weekend..
We went to a different Orchard on Saturday morning that we had never been to before...
it was so nice, and we were able to taste test some amazing fruit!

We came home with 20 lbs of apples and 10 lbs of peaches.. Yum.

We spent a good part of the weekend getting them all canned up..
Apple Pie Filling, Apples, and Peaches. 
(The pantry is getting stocked up)

Our Jalapeno plants are producing LOTS, so I think I will have to can up some jalapeno jelly for the first time ever...  I have actually never even tried jalapeno jelly before.. hopefully it is worth it. :0)
(Have you tried it before? Is it any good?)

While canning I noticed I had several old canning lids laying in a box, and I was trying to think of what to do with them or toss them.. then I remembered seeing someone make a pumpkin/wreaths out of them somewhere. (sorry, but I don't remember where)

So I got out some wire and decided to wire them up and make a pumpkin.

Here it is..

So cute.. I think I will pick up some spray paint though and paint it. :0)

Hope you had a great weekend as well!

Friday Favorites... (9/6/13)

Wow.. Friday again.
Any plans for the weekend?
We haven't made any plans ourselves, may just hang out around the house...
Can always ride the horses or work in the garden, and that is just fine with me. :0)

It's that time again... time to share a few of my favorite things from the week.

#1).  Craft room is mostly organized and ready to enjoy.

#2).  Really liking this nail polish lately... "Sand Tropez" by Essie.

#3).  Made home made snicker doodles.. (yum)

#4).  Shared a fun post this week titled: "10 Things You Don’t Know About Me"

#5).  Worked on a new Fall Floral Arrangement.. So fun.
          (see #4 to find out more about it)

Have a great weekend!

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10 things you don't know about me...

So I thought it might be fun to share "10 things you don't know about me..."

#1).   My all time favorite job that I have had outside of the home was at a floral shop.
I thoroughly enjoyed making floral arrangements and delivering flowers.. it was such a fun
place to work.    However, my husband and I made the decision many years ago, that I was needed more at home with our then toddler, so I have been a stay at home (& later on a work from home) mom ever since. (and I am so thankful for that) 
 As you can see, I still enjoy working with flowers..
(above floral arrangement is available in my etsy shop - link at side column)

#2).  I have 4 sisters.  Yep.. and we grew up with 1 small bathroom. :0)
#3).  I use to have a red 67 mustang...  definitely should've kept that car!
#4).  I love to cook and bake..  I think it would be fun to have a little bakery shop.
#5). Favorite kitchen gadgets..  my Kitchenaid stand mixer, and my Keurig coffee brewer. 
(note to self: need to buy more k-cups)
#6).  Favorite beauty gadgets..  My chi flat iron, and my curling irons. 

#7).  Favorite colors.. I like all the colors,  and my favorite colors are different for different things.. Favorite colors to wear, Favorite colors for home décor, Favorite colors for flowers.  Do you have favorite colors overall? or do you have a favorite for different things like I do.. :0)
#8).  I have been married for almost 19 years.. wowzer, where does time go?
#9).  I drive a truck.. yep, a 4x4 beauty of a truck.  Gotta love living in the country.. well, this girl does anyway! :0) 
#10). I guess you could say I am an artist..  have always loved so many kinds of art, crafts, diy, etc..
      Lampworking is something I enjoy..  I wanted to try it several years ago, so I got the stuff and taught myself how to do it. (books helped)  I have a studio and I use a torch to turn rods of glass into small creations.. here is an example of some glass beads that I made:
and here is a polymer clay dog that I made for fall last year.. gotta love bassets! :0)
and jewelry is something I also enjoy making/designing from time to time:

Well, that was 10..
Hope you enjoyed the random - 10 things.. :0)

Craft room..

More Craft room photo's to share today...

My sewing station..
and a tall shelf which holds my cricut, thread, batting, fabric projects etc...