Friday Favorites.. (3/13/15)

It is time for Friday Favorites..
and Spring break, Yay!

1). The weather has definitely been something to be excited about.. we have been
spending quite a bit of time outside on projects, and going fishing..  just loving the
spring sunshine and temperatures we have been having.

2). This beauty of a item.. so stinkin cute. As I recently mentioned, I have been
adding in some pops of spring colors, and I found this metal watering can
at Target in the dollar section for $3.

3). Of course while at Target.. had to stop by starbucks for a caramel latte..
  (my fave right now)

4). This Plain to Pretty Vase  got a makeover this week.. more pops of spring
colors and this one cost less than a dollar for me to make.

5). I had to give a favorite to these homemade cin. rolls.. they just were sounding
good one afternoon so had to make them... just had to! :0)

Have a great weekend!

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Plain to Pretty Turquoise Glass Vase dollar craft

I have been working on adding in some turquoise blue accents in our master bedroom
and bathroom..  and I decided to try adding a pop of color with some spray paint on
a simple glass vase that I had purchased for .97 cents at a local mart store.

I used painters tape and taped off the majority of the vase..

Then took it outside,
Turned it upside down,
and gave it a couple of coats of spray paint. (letting it dry in between coats)

I removed the tape, and liked how it looked but wanted to add a little
something to it.. so I got out some glitter tape from my scrapbooking stash
and wrapped it around.

Add in some pretty flowers..

Plain to pretty with that pop of color.. and a little glittery bling doesn't hurt. 

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Kitchen Tour...

I thought I would share a simple tour of the center of our home...
the kitchen.

I guess this space would be probably be considered "Country Style."
Which is fine with me.. I have pretty much always lived in the country,
we have horses, cows, and other critters.. and of course am married
to my best friend, who just so happens to be a cowboy. Yep,
cattle, horses, boots, tack, roping, riding, and all that fun stuff.
So I guess country style just fits.

However, I would say it is really just my families personal style,
as is the rest of our home.
I don't really go by what a "Style" label is for decorating a space.
I just use the items we have, items that we like, and items we enjoy.
No matter what the "style" of the item is,
and that is what works for us.

After all, we are the ones that live here and see it everyday. 

I think a house is a "home" by what you make of it...
no matter what the style is.   or what it isn't.. :0)

Enough rambling, on to the kitchen...