Garage Sale Redo

As previously mentioned, I picked up a large picture over the weekend
at a garage sale for a whopping dollar bill.

I was drawn to it because of the size, and the unique wood frame..
and decided it would make a perfect chalkboard for the guest/craft room to go
with the ”new to us” antique dresser that I just redid.

Antique Dresser Goes Blue

Over the weekend we brought home this beauty that was given
to us.. and I started working on it Monday!

It had some wear/tear, but I had the perfect spot for it and I wanted to give it
a new look for the craft/guest room.
So I removed the hardware and gave it a good sanding..

and I decided on a pretty shade of navy blue.

As for the hardware it got a couple coats of black spray paint....
Drumroll please......

Ah, So pretty..

(Color used: Kilz Arctic Night)

Weekend Thrifty finds

We spent a few days taking a trip to visit family members and just
get away for a bit..
We had a great time visiting, hanging out, and relaxing.
It went by way too quickly!

While we were there, we ventured out to a couple stores we hadn't been to before,
and went to a couple of our favorites as well.
We also stopped by a garage sale that we came across while out and about.

So today, I decided to share my recent thrifty finds with you..

First up, is my favorite purchase..

This mercury glass candle stick.

Since I am in fall decorating mode.. I placed a glass pumpkin on top of it.
I purchased this candlestick at Goodwill for less than $2.00.  (high five!)

The next 2 items we picked up at the garage sale..
(think craft project)

This large wood framed print caught my attention.. mostly because I really liked
the frame and the size of it.. Yep, I immediately had a project in mind,
and for $1.00 I decided to go for it.

I also decided to get these 2 wood framed mirrors that were
priced at .50 cents each.

Not quite sure what I am going to do with them yet, still deciding. :0)

Lastly, I have been looking for a nice wood dresser for a while now,
and actually ended up bringing home this antique beauty that was given
to us.

I spent Monday working on it, and wait til ya see how it
looks now! I will be sharing more on that later in the week.

So have you found any neat thrifty finds lately?

Fall Pallet Scarecrow and scrap wood pumpkin

Fall Decor already?

Well, the stores are saying it is time for it anyway.. :0)

I am still enjoying the summer but of course love a good fall decor project,
and since we have acquired some pallets I decided to make myself a pallet scarecrow
and a pumpkin to dress up the yard for fall.
You have probably seen several different versions of these, and aren't they so
adorable.? so of course just had to make one!  
(or three - giving 2 away)

There's not much to them in my opinion..
 take a pallet apart and attach however many boards that you want together
depending on the size you want. (I used 3)
We just attached ours with the hat brim board, because that was secure enough
for me, but you could certainly add some support boards to the back if you wanted.

Then add some paint,
glue on some fall flowers, (I used e-6000)
and there ya go.

Spice cabinet gets organized in a unique way

So within the last month or so, I made a decision..
and my family was for the most part on board with it..
To try and cut out the processed food.. at least the majority of it.

So due to that decision, I have been spending a lot more
time in the kitchen.. emphasis on a lot more. :0)

I quickly found out that I have acquired a lot more spices since I last
updated my spice cabinet, (see that post Organizing Kitchen Spices Here )
and while that solution worked great for the amount I had then..
not so great for the now.

I have also found that cooking from scratch just takes more time,
From making bread to tortilla shells and on and on.

Well, that is a entirely different blog post altogether.. but today
I wanted to share that because I am in the kitchen "a lot more"
and utilizing spices a lot more.. I quickly realized my spice organization
is in need of some help.