Farmhouse Kitchen Faux Barn Wood Backsplash Update - One Year Later

If you have followed my blog then you know I made some pretty big
changes to my kitchen last year.

From adding a faux barn wood backsplash that I actually made
using leftover flooring and some paint that I had on hand,
to eventually painting my oak cabinets white.

However if you haven't seen it, here is a quick before and after:

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It has been an entire year now since installing my backsplash so I thought it
was a great time to put together an update and let you know how it has held up
thus far and my thoughts on it.

(I also made a short video/vlog on my backsplash - link is near the bottom of 
this blog post if you'd like to check it out)

Well, it has been wonderful.

I still absolutely love it and it still makes me smile walking into my kitchen.
I love how bright it is now and how it looks like old weathered barn wood,
and it is a perfect fit in this farmhouse country style home of ours.
It has held up great and I have had no issues with it at all.

I would say preparation was key, a lot of elbow grease to make sure each 'board'
was sanded well so the paint had a good surface to adhere to is most likely
what made this a success in my opinion.

I did add a coat of sealer to the backsplash, (and extra coats near the sink)
so that if any splatters or water got on it there would be an extra layer of protection.
I can easily wipe it down when I need to.

I also used my brad nailer to install the 'boards', as I didn't want to use adhesive if I
didn't have to.  Mostly because I wanted to be able to remove it easily if I decided I
didn't like it..  I don't see that happening any time soon.
Did I mention I love it? 😉

How about some more photo's.

                               (Faux barn wood backsplash before I painted the cabinets)

(after painting cabinets)

I have several more idea's in mind for our kitchen and currently
I have a handful of paint swatches that I recently picked up and I am trying
to decide what color that I want to paint the walls.

Leaning towards a shade of white or a light gray shade for the walls instead of the light beige that I currently have.

I am also debating if I want to paint my red focal wall a different color.

If I do decide to paint over the red wall, I am thinking about
a dark shade of gray or possibly painting it the same color that I choose for the rest of the walls,
but I am unsure at this point if I am ready to get rid of the red.

Most likely I will choose the wall color and after I get the rest of the room painted then
I can see what I think of the focal wall.

Decisions decisions.

Another thing I am trying to decide on is what to do about all of the items on the counter.
We use all of the items but to me it just looks like a lot of stuff, and I am ready to clear some of
it off or move some of it to another spot.  
I am also debating on installing a microwave over the stove in the future..
if you have one what are your thoughts on that?

So right now I am currently in brainstorming mode trying to figure out how I would like
to organize the 'stuff' (uh, countertop clutter) as well as choosing paint colors.

So what do you think for the walls.. a shade of white or gray?

- Tina

I also chose to make a vlog style video update, 
including a recap of how I made my backsplash:

If you are interested in seeing the video,  you can see it on youtube:  HERE! 
(or I have included it below as well)

(keep in mind I am a new to the vlog/video thing..  😉)

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