Painting my Kitchen Project and a look at where it started

I finally narrowed down the color that I wanted in my kitchen, so we decided to go
to Home Depot to pick it out.

I knew I wanted to go with a shade of white and finally chose the color Shoelace after looking
at just about every shade of off white/white that they had about 450 times or so.. 😉

Anyone else have trouble picking paint colors? Lol.

While we were there we walked passed these beauties,

so of course I had to bring one of those home too.

I thought that it would be perfect in my kitchen window, and plan to pick up
more of them.

(I am so ready for spring, gardening season, and warmer weather)

Then the work began and I started painting my kitchen.
(fingers crossed that I would like the color)

Do you remember how I was unsure on my red focal wall?

Whether or not to leave the red or paint over it,
and if I wanted it to be the same color that I chose for the rest of the room,
or keep it as a focal wall and paint it a dark gray.

Well.. when I got to the red wall, I chose to go ahead and paint it as well and
if I ended up not liking it for some reason,  I would just change it later.

I have to admit I was a little unsure of that decision at first, 
but I am so happy with how it has turned out.

I love the bright feeling this room has, and the decor makes it feel inviting and warm,
and not sterile or cold at all which can be kind of a concern when painting a room white.

I still love this big old china cabinet.. even if we have a small kitchen.

If you haven't followed my blog.. you may have noticed my decor definitely leans towards a more rustic/country/farmhouse style.  

  We actually do live in the country. 
We have horses, cattle, and so on.. and the Mr. is a cowboy.  
Hat wearing,  horse riding, roping, taking care of cattle, and all that goes along with the
cowboy way of life.  So it just sort of fits. :0)

I had recently picked up this white washed tobacco basket and I wanted 
to see how I liked it on the wall with my old window.
I really liked it and knew I wanted to find
another one to place on the opposite side.

I went to stores several times checking for them as they sold out where
I had got mine.  I even had my daughter check a store near her. :0)
Finally after quite a bit of searching.. (and after picking up 2 others
that I didn't necessarily like as well as the whitewash ones) we happen
to be in the store not even really looking for it anymore, but we glanced down
the aisle and they had got them back in stock and I got my 2nd basket! Yay!

I have a lot of plans for the kitchen.
If you have followed my blog you know it has went through quite a change so far.. :0)

Here is where it started.. 

What a difference.

Something else I want to do in this space is to streamline some things,
reduce the "countertop clutter" and simplify it a bit.   

So that is definitely on my to do list.    
For now I am just enjoying the pretty new look of the kitchen, trying to decide what
items to move/change up, and continuing to tackle the
to do list projects one at a time. :0)


YouTube Video that corresponds can be seen here.

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Kitchen Details:

-Paint Color:  Behr Shoelace
-Farmhouse Metal Sign Found Here
-Wreath: hobby lobby I believe it was called lemon berry: (similar option:  Here )
-Red Pip Berry Garland (similar) Here
-Tobacco Basket (I believe hobby lobby has some whitewash options)
  or a similar style is available in light brown here
- Pioneer Woman Floral Teapots Here  (smaller one) and Here 


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