Linen Closet Organization Project

I wanted to reorganize our linen closet so I gathered up some containers from the dollar
tree that I wanted to use in this space and then it happened..

I ended up making something that should've only took a little bit of time into
an entire project!

(Anyone else do that?) Lol.

I had emptied the closet shelving and decided to move the shelves,
which meant I left holes in the wall.   So I spackled the holes and realized
I had no idea of what shade of white paint I had used in this closet.  
So that pretty much meant I was going to end up having to paint the entire closet.

So I decided a little late in the game to go ahead and vlog my closet project.

What were the odds I would actually get the right shade of white and not have to paint the entire thing anyway,  so I just chose to use paint I had left from recently painting the living room.

So out came all the shelving and the painting began.

After it had dried, I replaced the shelving and was finally able to start organizing.

I added in a cube shelf to the bottom of the closet for extra storage, and the hampers wouldn't
quite fit side by side anymore which I really wanted.

So to make them fit, I used a pair of scissors and cut one of them down.
Not exactly ideal.. but it works. 😜

We will use the short one for towels, and the taller one is my husbands.
My hamper is actually in the master closet.

We have learned to keep all of these things separate.. and this is what works for us.
My husband works on a ranch and is around a lot of stuff including poison ivy, etc.
and from experience it just works better for us if we do it this way. lol.

I have been searching for slim hampers to change these up but haven't found any yet, 
if you know of any skinnier options please let me know!! 

Extra bedding went on the top shelf, towels on the second, and I just flipped a bin on
it's side and rolled hand towels in it for a little bit different look.
Then I added in the dollar tree bins along the bottom shelf as well as in the cube organizer.

I tossed quite a few things, moved a few things,
and changed up how I organized other items.

I am still debating if I want to leave the door organizer or not but for now I will leave it.
It does add some nice extra storage and is hidden for the most part, so as long as it stays fairly
neat I will probably leave it.  

For now it holds our mini first aid kit, sunscreen, lotions, cotton balls/q-tips, wash cloths,
and my wet hair towels hang on the side.    
Speaking of those towels,
if you haven't heard of them and use a bath towel on your head after washing your hair then
I would recommend checking them out to see what you think of them.
For me personally I think they are so much nicer than putting a bulky, heavy towel on my head
on top of my thick wet hair, and due to the weight/bulk I feel like they are easier on my neck.
I have been happy with them.

I do have other plans for this space, I would like to change it up and I am
thinking about a focal wall.
I am still in the thought process of what I would like to do.. considering
possibly a faux barn wood wall similar to the one I did for my kitchen backsplash,
or shiplap, or possibly wainscoting or board & batten in the room.
I haven't decided just yet.  I think I am leaning ever so slightly towards wainscoting or
board and batten but I'm not sure.. what do you think?

With the cooler months coming upon us soon,
I will be spending a little more time indoors
so maybe I can get to that before too long.

So let me know what you think?
Wainscoting? Board & Batten? Shiplap? Faux Barn Wood?
other idea's?

(Corresponding YouTube Video is linked below if you'd like to see how this closet
came together video style)

Have a great day!
 - Tina

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Turbie Twist Towels: Here or Here
Door Organizer: Similar Here
White Bins: Dollar Tree

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Corresponding YouTube Video Here!

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