A little about me..

I am a stay at home, work from home mom.
I am very blessed to be the mother of 2 wonderful children young adults.
I am a country girl, married to my very best friend
who happens to be a cowboy.
(Horses, Cattle, Dirt, Trucks, ATV's, Boots, other varieties of dirt/mud and so on)

I believe in Jesus. 

I enjoy:
- Spending time with my Family
- Just about anything outdoors
    - Horses
    - ATV's
    - Gardening & Yard Work
    - Fishing
    - Spending Time with our Animals (Horses etc.)
- DIY projects 
- Home Decor Projects & redecorating
- Organizing / Decluttering
- Cooking 
- Jewelry Design
- Makeup 
- Shopping :0) (had to toss that one in there)

My blog's name...

Why the name - Cluttered Cork Board ??

Well a Cluttered Cork Board..  just has a lot going on, kind
of like everyday life.   I have considered changing the name
from time to time, but so far haven't found one I like any better.
That is subject to change of course. :0)