Welcome to my Blog! 

Where I share a lot of Budget Friendly Inspiration here on my 
"Lifestyle - DIY" corner of the internet.

Inexpensive DIY projects from building a no cost pallet planter for the garden,
to organizing our small master closet and using every bit of space that it has to offer.

We have a small home so I definitely have to stay organized as much as possible to 
keep things in check, and I will share how I do just that.

I also have a thing for shopping and (mostly) casual fashion, and will share my budget friendly favorites and splurges 😜 from time to time.  

I am a momma of 2 young adults, stay at home/work from home, married to my best friend who happens to be a cowboy, newly empty nesters, living on a ranch with lots of animals, and to sum it up:   running on Grace and Coffee. 

If you love budget friendly: DIY, Organization and Decor for a smaller home, and Beauty/Fashion for Ladies that is mostly casual, 
(and for reference I am in my 40's) then stick around!

My blog's name...

Why the name - Cluttered Cork Board ??

Well a Cluttered Cork Board..  just has a lot going on,
kind of like everyday life.  
You can move things around, shuffle what needs shuffled..
it isn't always pretty to look at when it's in a bit of a jumbled mess as a whole,
but each piece has something beautiful about it.

 I have considered changing the name from time to time,
but so far haven't found one I like any better.

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