friday favorites (5/29/2015)

Time for Friday Fave's..

- Memorial Day was a beautiful day with some sunshine in the midst
of all the rain we have been having.
  A big Thank you to all those who serve and have served to protect
 this great country of ours.   God bless the U.S.  

There have been a lot of projects getting worked on this week..

- I finally put a frame around our master bathroom mirror.. this project
 has been a long time coming. So a big Yay! for it being done.

- I then decided to hang a rustic wreath in the center of our bathroom mirror,
it breaks up the large mirror just a bit.. plus, we actually use our mirror
for a wipe erase board (we are funny like that) and this has a neat look to it.
Plus, I can tuck our wipe erase marker on top of the wreath in the ribbon.

- Enjoying the sunshine when we get it.. we have had a lot of cloudy, rain filled
days lately.. so when the sun shines, we are quick to head outdoors.
Here I was leaning on my husbands truck near the round pen when he was
working with our daughters young horse.

- Projects are getting worked on, and a couple are done.. I cut a lot of boards
 over the past week, got covered in sawdust several times, mashed a finger a
 time or two, but I am pleased with the progress.  
 Will share more soon.

Have a great weekend.

Master Bathroom Mirror gets a frame

I hope you had a great weekend.

We had quite a bit of rain but we were still able to cook out on
the grill, and we even tackled some projects.

We have actually been tackling all kinds of projects around here,
from the laundry room to an entertainment center, on and on.

Today I am sharing that I finally got our Master Bathroom mirror
framed out.  Finally.

 We framed the mirror in the guest bathroom some time ago,
and I have been wanting to do the same thing in our bathroom..
and that project can finally be marked off the list.  
 Did I mention finally? :0)


Friday Favorites.. (5/22/2015)

It is time for Friday Favorites..

-  Water balloons.
      Here we used them as targets to see who could pop them with
      a variety of items.. I am pretty sure our daughter won.
      and of course using them in a game of badminton instead of
      using a traditional birdie was quite entertaining as well. ha, ha. :0)

-  Pool noodles.. finally found some! and was able to repurpose them into
      boot tree's and they look so much better than my rolled up cardboard.

-  Flower beds are done.. ongoing weed pulling here and there of course,
    but they look really good.

-  Roses are starting to bloom.. yay!

- Tackling the master bathroom mirror.. will be sharing more on that
   project soon.

Have a great weekend!

Finally found them, Pool Noodles Get Repurposed

Over the weekend when we were out and about we decided to go in a dollar
type store and just look around for the fun of it.

Finally.. there they were - pool noodles.  (for $1 - even better!)
High Five Ya'll.

I have seen this idea before several times,
and you probably have as well.

Where you cut up a pool noodle and use the pieces
as inserts in your taller boots to help them keep their nice shape.
However, pool noodles aren't available year round, (at least not that
I could find) so I was glad to FINALLY come across them.

I have actually seen several idea's for boot tree's/inserts, and there
are so many things that a person could use,
However my rolled up cardboard inserts, well they just
were not so impressive. :0)

So basically I used a serrated knife, cut each noodle into 4 pieces, and now my
boots are standing up nice and neat.  So simple.

(I do not know who deserves the credit for this fantastic idea as I have seen it 
many times over.. but to whoever came up with it originally.. genius!)

I have also seen where pool noodles can be used for helping secure plants,
made into all kinds of games, used for wreath's and so on..  so many idea's
for pool noodles!

I think I may have to pick up a few more.

Summer break has arrived.

Summer break has officially begun around here,
and I am excited about that.  
More Mother-Daughter time! Yay!

Lots of outside projects have been going on..
working on the flower beds,

keeping up with the fast growing lawn,
working on the garden,
and we have had lots of wonderful weather to enjoy.
(as well as a lot of rainy days) :0)

Also several inside projects are going on around here.
I decided to change my craft room back into a guest room/craft space..
Can I just say... Yikes!
That has been quite a task.

So a lot of work has been going on in that room.
Going through papers, craft supplies, and so on..
Having to reorganize everything even more, and make myself
get rid of stuff to accommodate this room having a bed in it again.

So it has been a busy time to say the least,
therefore I haven't spent a lot of time on the computer lately.  
I hope to get back into the swing of it. 

So how about I start with a quick weekend recap..
Saturday we just hung out around the house, worked in the yard,
and enjoyed the day.

Sunday afternoon our daughter had plans so my husband decided
we should go out. We decided to go to a nearby zoo that
we hadn't been to for several years.

This guy followed us around for a while..

I was impressed with how fast that guy could swim.. wowzer!

We had a lot of fun walking around, talking, and checking out the animals..
It was such a nice day, so most of the critters were out where you could see

Afterward we had a few errands to run, and then we stopped for ice cream before
heading on home, gotta love days like that.