My first Grove Co. Order (cleaning video)

After some thought I decided to place an order with this company. (grove co.)
The products they carry are suppose to be all natural and I certainly like the idea of 
less chemicals being introduced into my home.

Another reason I decided to order is that I also have extremely dry skin on my hands 
throughout the winter months and I am hopeful the all natural products will be
a lot less harsh on them. (to be determined) :0)

Budget Friendly Organization Finds - office

Since I have been in organization, declutter mode and looking at different
items to make just make life easier I thought I would put together a
budget friendly version of some organizational products that I have come
across in my search.

(this post is not sponsored, 
just sharing things I like/use, (*affiliate links) and all opinions are my own)

So here we go..

I am going to start with photo's.
(Not necessarily always kept in an office space.) 

Spring Cleaning Take 2 - Bathroom Vanity

I am keeping the momentum going in my Spring Cleaning Adventure
and this may very well end up being an entire series of posts.

(If you missed my first post on how I tackled my dresser drawers,
including a short video :0) you can see it here.)

This time I am going to conquer the master bathroom vanity
and give it a quick refresh.

That is probably one of the worst places for me to keep organized.
It seems like when I am in a hurry that is usually the place where things get
tossed into a drawer or in the cabinet instead of in a proper designated spot.
I do have organizational items in place, but I feel like there is certainly room
for improvement so that is on my list of To Do's.

For now I am simply going to work on getting rid of the obvious,
and focus on getting the space back in order.
Just quickly get rid of boxes, items that are not used or outdated, and
putting items back in a somewhat organized fashion.

I am not focusing on meticulously making myself make a decision on
every item as to whether I really need it/use it/want it taking up space etc.
(I actually do plan to tackle our space soon with that in mind!)

So for my quick refresh, I start by clearing out the cabinet.. and the drawers.

Spring Cleaning So it Begins (video)

I am in spring cleaning mode and ready to tackle the "stuff" that we have
accumulated over the years.

I am also quite ready for spring for that matter, and ready for all the outdoor
projects that I want to work on.. but I will settle with getting the indoors
in order for now and when the nicer weather rolls around I will be
able to spend even more time outdoors.

I am ready to declutter, purge, clean it out, organize it, let go of, and basically
have less NOISE from all the stuff that has kind of taken over around here.
We need a little breathing room on our shelves, in our cabinets, closets, and
so on.

Aaaah.. deep breath and let's do this.

Spring Cleaning Adventure take 1..

Tackling my dresser drawers.

My dresser drawers are usually organized fairly well, but it was time for a refresh.
They were getting way too crammed with stuff..   ya know if the drawers are
giving you fits opening and shutting them then it is time for a overhaul of sorts.