Pantry Makeover..

We have limited cabinet space in our Kitchen,  so
to expand our storage and have a Pantry space for our canned goods,
and to house some of our small appliances..
we bought this white cabinet at Target a few years ago.

While it does help.. It usually has a lot of wasted space vertically.
I have tried the wire shelves, stacking items, and different idea's to make
the canned items work.. but never found something I really liked for it.

So it was time again to rethink this space.

Here is the before:

We decided to change it up.. and cut some 2 x 4's to use for shelving.
(I painted them black)

To spruce up this plain white cabinet a little more,
I painted the back wall of the shelf the same color as my focal wall..
just for fun. :0)

I also added some clothespins to the doors to hold a small plastic bin for
little odds/ends, and also to hold papers, and keep them neatly behind doors.
 (and off the refrigerator)

I placed the boards onto the shelves, 3 boards per shelf..
 I placed two boards stacked, laying flat, at the very back of each shelf.
Then one board laying flat just in front of those.. which created a stair step effect for shelves.
Then I loaded it back up.


Here is the result:


The 2x4's turned out to be a great fit for the cans.. :0)

We had everything on hand, so this project only cost us a couple hours
of our time... and most of that was waiting on the paint to dry

I also added a chalkboard to the side of this cabinet..
(using chalkboard paint and small wood trim.)

I have actually been keeping an eye out for the perfect sideboard buffet, or china hutch to use
for extra storage in our kitchen,  but I haven't found it yet.
So until I do.. this white cabinet works for us, and now it is a little more
functional for it's purpose to say the least.

Have a great day!


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Friday Favorites.. 2/22/13

A few of my favorite things from the week..

1).  I gave our shoe storage a makeover..
a new much better storage solution for our small entry..

2). Washi Tape..  it has so many uses.. like these Decorative Ink Pens

3).  My Valentine's Day flowers - still gorgeous.

4). & 5).  No school for 2 days due to the weather.. 
being able to sleep in,  and having my family at home all day.. love that!

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Entryway Storage Solution.. (small entry)

We have a small entryway by our back door which just so happens
to be the one that is used the most.

I have tried several different things over the past few years for this space..
and just haven't been thrilled with any of them.

Here is the before:

Functional? Yes.. but I didn't care for the look of it.

I tried to find an idea online.. but didn't find one that
I thought would work in this space.

So I decided I would make these shelves better somehow..

I remembered that I had a oak shelf insert that I saved from a project a long time ago..
so I decided to use 2 of the existing white shelves and make some sort of custom unit.

After some thought..  I removed one of the shelves and flipped the other 2 over. Then I
 painted the underside of the shelves white to match the rest of the shelf. (they were unfinished underneath)   When the white paint dried, I gave the shelves a coat of poly to protect them from the shoes that will be living there.. :0)

Then I attached the  shelf  board.
Gorilla glue.. need I say more?

There is a reason I wanted space between the 2 white shelves..
I wanted a place for the dog leash to be neatly put away.

I initially planned on inserting a cup hook in this center space
for the dog leash.. but quickly realized I had already used my cup hooks, and I
didn't want to make a special trip to the store.  (They are added to my list)

So since that wasn't going to happen immediately,  I remembered I had this small basket
that would fit nicely.. and command strips.
Worked perfectly!

So until I get the cup hooks that I have in mind, I have a temporary dog leash bin. :0)

Here is the result..

It takes up less space than before,  looks much more custom, still
holds my children's shoes, and we have a unique spot for the dog leash.
(and maybe an umbrella or two)   :0)

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Happy Valentine's Day..

Today I am sharing what I made for my family as a special surprise for
Valentines Day..   a Candy Bouquet.

In deciding what to do for my family.. I decided on making them each a Candy Bouquet.

So, I picked up all the supplies that I wanted to use for this bouquet.
Sundae glasses
lots of mini candy bars
chocolate kisses
and of course some curling ribbon...
You will also need sucker sticks, and tape, possibly double sided tape,
or hot glue if you so choose.

I got all my supplies out, spread them out on the table.. and got started.
I put a few of the hershey kisses in the bottom of each glass..
Then I started adding mini candy bars around the edge of each glass so they
would hang down around the outside of the sundae glass.

(a piece of tape would work, or possibly double sided tape, I just chose to use a tiny
dot of hot glue on the edge of the wrapper - completely up to you!)

Then I added the candy bars to the end of my sticks.. (back to back)

 Then I carefully arranged them in each glass, and then added in a few more
of the chocolate kisses to fill them up completely, as well as help the arrangement
become a little more secure.  
Next, I added in some pink and white curling ribbon.. 
I attached the ribbon to the tallest heart shaped sucker in
the center of the arrangement, and let the curls cascade down throughout..

There ya go..
A Lovely DIY Candy Bouquet..  and I made all 3 for less than $20.00.
Another bonus..  they will each have a cute sundae glass when all that candy is gone. :0)

Additional Idea's:

Personalize them:
I personalized each of ours by adding a little nametag to each one.  I used paper, and washi tape.
You can easily attach a name tag, or tiny card to the curling ribbon by using a hole punch, or just use another popsicle stick and some tape.

Add Balloons:
You could add a small balloon, or tie helium balloons to it and make it even fancier.

This item could be used for lots of holidays, it is not just for Valentine's Day.. it would be a great birthday surprise as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

Decorative Jar Candle..

I have another fun DIY project..
This one is great for all year..  or would be lovely at a special occasion to dress up
the table decor.

Here goes:

I used:

  • Votive Jar/Candle
  • Ribbon
  • Mason Jar with ring
  • Alphabet stickers

I simply placed the votive jar inside the mason jar,  I also left the ring on that goes on the jar - because I liked the look (no lid however), then I attached a pastel pink ribbon,
and added the word Love..

So cute..

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Simple Corn dog muffins..

I make these for my kids every so often..  
so I decided to take a quick picture and share it with you.
Super simple..

Typically, I use our favorite homemade corn bread recipe which has honey in it,
However this time around I used a box mix, and I just added a Tbsp of honey to add a little sweetness.
I buttered the muffin tins well, then add the batter, chop up a hot dog into tiny pieces and add that in and then I just bake them as directed...

and there we go.. simple Corn Dog Muffins.

Why do I make them instead of just buying corn dogs? I prefer to know what we are eating, and I prefer to keep it that way to the best of my ability.. I will leave it at that. :0)

Chalkboard Valentines Day Card..

I decided to create a unique Valentine's Day card using a mini chalkboard on the front.

(This would also be adorable as a name card at each place setting on your table..)

I took a small wooden heart that I purchased at a craft store,
and I painted it with chalkboard paint.. then I let it dry.

I picked out some heavyweight paper for the card itself, and a coordinating piece of scrapbooking paper that I liked.
I folded the heavier paper in half, and then cut it down to the size I wanted for my card.
Then I cut the accent paper to fit in the center of the front of the card, and I glued it on. 
Next up, I glued on the miniature chalkboard as well as a little bow that I made out of some ribbon that I had.. and then just waited until the glue was set/dry.

You can certainly go all out decorating one of these..
you could add glitter, a ribbon to hold the chalk on the card, rubber stamps, lace, and so on.

However, it is a busy week here and I was going for a quick project this time around. :0)

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