Table Transformation from shabby to shabby chic with fun

I have a set of 3 wood tables that I decided needed a change..  they have been in the garage for some time now, and I decided I wanted to bring them in the house.  However, they needed a little update in my opinion.

Here is the before look..

I wasn't sure if I wanted to stain them darker or paint them, but ultimately I decided I would
just redo one to see if I liked it.. and if not, I would only have to start over on one of them.. :0)
So I started by removing the glass top insert of a smaller side table, sanded it well, and painted it white.

When it was finished and dry, I placed it in the house so I could decide if I liked it. 
(do you ever do that?) :0)

After a day with the bright white, I decided it wasn't for me.. so I took it back outside.. got my sander out and distressed it.   

Much Better.

So then went ahead and I redid the other 2 tables.. the other side table, and coffee table.

However, I wasn't done there.. I decided to change the coffee table up.. I have been wanting to create a checkerboard table for a long time, and have been searching for a cute table for that project, but this was perfect for it!

So instead of the glass center insert, we were at Home Depot and found a piece of 3/16" thick hard wood sheeting that would fit inside perfectly to replace the glass and brought it home and cut it down to fit.

I painted our new insert a shade of gray.. let that dry, then using my painters tape I taped off my 'checkerboard'.

Then I painted the center a lovely orange shade.

After that had dried I worked with painters tape, and black paint.. working my way across the orange painted square to create my checkerboard.  Which seemed like hours and hours, I am sure there is an easier way to make a checkerboard.. such as a stencil, ha... but I guess I chose the hard way on this project. :0)

After it was close to being dry, I removed the tape.  Then I let it sit to dry completely.
I placed it in the table to see how it looked, but I decided it needed a little something else.. so I took it outside and distressed it by hand with some sandpaper.   Then gave it a coat of poly to seal and protect it.


 I am very pleased with how it turned out..  I placed a decorative glass bowl on one side with chess and checkers pieces in it and I love how it looks..

 I also intend on painting the back of our wood insert with something else on it, so we can change it up whenever we want.. I haven't decided what just yet.
Maybe Tic-Tac-Toe, or maybe a fun design.   I am even considering making more inserts with
other decorative designs to switch it up from time to time.. we will see. :0)

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Simple Faux S'mores recipe

In trying to decide what else to have at the upcoming graduation party.. I thought I would
give this a practice run, and see what my family thought of them.

Instead of messy S'mores, I decided to try a not so messy - Faux S'more type of thing..  :0)

So I got a bag of Milk Chocolate chips, package of Large Marshmallows, & Box of Graham Crackers.

I placed some of the chocolate chips in a bowl and used the microwave to melt them, and I crushed up some graham crackers into another bowl.

Then simply took a marshmallow, dipped it into the chocolate, and then dipped it into the graham crackers.

Then placed the covered marshmallow onto a piece of waxed paper.

Very simple, not real messy, and the family likes them. :0)  Win!
I think they taste more like a chocolate covered marshmallow than a S'more in my opinion..
but everyone liked them anyhow. 

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Friday Favorites.. (4/26/2013)

Friday Favorites.. time to share a few of my favorite things from the week.

#1).  I got another candy project done for our upcoming graduation party.. 
Diploma Candy

#2).  I gave a makeover to a set of 3 wood & glass tables.. I will be sharing the transformation next  week with you.

#3).  I made these fun Plant Picks for Graduation.   Hmm, Can you have too many decorations?  Possibly, but I am sure I haven't crossed that line yet. :0)

#4).  My lilac's.. love!

#5). Coffee.. coffee.. coffee!

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Preparing for a Graduation Party and tips for saving time and money..

 I am in prep mode for a fast approaching graduation party.. and I thought I would
share a few tips that I have been doing to save time, and a little money here and there.

#1).  A couple things at a time.
     This one actually doesn't really save money, but does help with the impact on the budget.
I have been picking up one or two things each time I go to the store.. such as a roll of crepe paper, a package of napkins, or bag of balloons.  This way there is not such a hard hit on the budget.  Since I am only spending 2 or 3 dollars at a time, it isn't so noticeable compared to buying everything at once.  

#2). Check the quantity of the items before your purchase them, and compare.
    I was surprised by how big of a difference the decorated plates and napkins had in a package, compared to the the plain colorful ones.
(which brings me to #3)

#3).  Mix & Match.
     I bought the fancier decorated 'Graduation' plates and napkins, but I also bought the plain colorful ones to mix in with them.  (The plain colorful ones have more quantity per package, and cost quite a bit less.. so definitely saving money, but I still get the impact of the fancier look in our table decor)


#4).  Make your own decorations. 
     You can easily make your own decorations by cutting out numbers, designing something on the computer and printing it, or having a creative friend help you out.

Here is an example of some festive and inexpensive Graduation Plant Picks  that I made:

#5).  Add simple decorative touches. 
     You don't have to spend a fortune on decorative items.. they can be simple and
  inexpensive, but are sure to have a big impact.  

Here are some examples that are a fun treat for most everyone..  

   Graduation Diploma Candy ,  and   Graduation Cap Candy .

There are many ways to save time and/or money when it comes to a graduation party.

One suggestion is to weigh your options on what is more important with each item you need to purchase or make.

 For example, it will take some time to make home made Thank You note cards... or you can simply buy a package of cute graduation theme Thank You notecards with envelopes for around $3.00 - $4.00 for 25. (depending on where you shop)   It is good to consider if you have the time to spend making them, as well as the cost associated with the project, or if it makes more sense to you to simply purchase them. 

My last tip would have to be start on it early.. especially if you plan on making any of the decorations.
There are so many activities at the end of the school year as it is.. as well as getting prepared for College, which will be here before we know it.  Therefore,  I am thankful that I have been working on getting the decorations, and everything planned out and ready early.

 A graduation party doesn't have to be over the top expensive to be amazing and special.   You can easily make inexpensive decorations and accents, that will add to the memories you share and help celebrate the big day.

I hope that gives you a few tips or even a few idea's for your own graduation parties.
Best wishes.


Graduation Cap Lollipops for a Grad Party..

I decided to do one more candy decorative item.. using suckers.

So I got a sheet of blue foam and cut into tiny squares, white yarn and cut into small pieces, suckers (whatever kind you like), and my hot glue gun.

Then I simply placed a small dot of hot glue onto the center of a blue square and placed it at an angle on top of a sucker.

Then added another small drop of hot glue onto the top of the blue square, and added a piece
of yarn.

That is all there is to it.

Another super simple project to add to your decorations and a neat treat as well.

I have several Graduation Party idea's on my Holidays  Page.

Graduation 2013 Party decorative Picks

Yes.. I am in full graduation mode here. :0)

Another project I just completed is making some fun Picks to place in the yard, flower pots or near the steps perhaps..

I used a package of glitter 2013 numbers that I purchased for less than a dollar (3 in a package), but you could easily make these yourself with cardstock and glitter.  However, for less than a dollar - that was money well spent to not have a glitter mess in my book.  :0)

Items needed: I used wood skewers, glitter 2013 numbers, a sheet of blue foam (which can be found in most craft departments for less than .50 cents), scissors, and my hot glue gun.

I simply placed 2 of the numbers onto the blue foam and cut it to the size I wanted.

Then I placed some hot glue onto the wood skewer, and positioned it onto the back of the numbers.

Then I used hot glue all over the back of the number and placed it on the foam.

I have a fun, inexpensive decoration that can be placed pretty much anywhere outdoors.
I am thinking one of them will go nicely in my large flower pot by the deck..
I haven't decided on where I will place the 2nd one yet. 
Oh, and I still have another one to make something with as well.  :o)

Have a great Wednesday!

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Smarties Diploma Decor accent for Graduation 2013..

As you know I am in preparation mode for 2 graduations.. :0)

Today I tackled another candy project...

Smarties - What is better to celebrate Graduation than candy with the name "Smarties" :0)

So I decided instead of just having them in a bowl, I would dress them up like a diploma.
So I got some white copy paper, ribbon, scotch tape, scissors, and a black marker.

I cut the copy paper into thirds lengthwise, then I cut those strips in half. 

Then I placed a roll of candy onto one piece of paper..

I rolled the paper around the candy.

Added a small piece of tape to hold the paper in place, then added a bow.
I also added '2013' on them with a black marker.

Very easy and low cost project.. and will add a nice touch to the graduation table decor.

I previously shared how I made my Reese's Grad Cap Candy  as well in case you are looking
for another fun project.

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